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December 29, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Disco was king on 1978 AM airwaves. Rock and roll came a distant second and punk barely scratched the airwaves. Everyone was into Disco. Donna Summer, a Dorchester native, struck platinum with MacArthur Park and Last Dance, Chic took over # 1 in December with Le Freak. The shout for Disco echoed across the country […]


THE ROOTS OF CONTACT 1976 By Peter Nolan Smith A disco. Flashing strobes, Deafening drum bass. A young weekend crowd. Dancing. Sexually fearless males on ‘ludes Disco waifs on blow All of us 99% dead by dawn. None of us desire survival. A thin wanton teenager sensually sways to Donna Summer’s ‘ LOVE TO LOVE […]

More Ludes

From a female friend in Palm Beach; I remember ‘ludes well. I have a story about thinking I had a brain tumor and/or an allergy to rum because I kept passing out after I had a couple of daiquiris on a boat that was in harbor and coincidentally had very good drugs. I’d wake up […]

Safe Sex In Pattaya

On my first visit to Pattaya in 1991 I went to the Marine Disco and picked up a girl. We had sex. More than once. Nothing bad happened. She didnít get pregnant. I didnít contract an STD (sexually transmitted disease) and we didnít get married. We were lucky, since I hadnít been wearing a condom. […]

Donna Summer RIP

Music critics have argued over whether the first disco song was the Hues Corporation’s “Rock the Boat”, George McCrae’s “Rock Your Baby” or”Kung Fu Fighting” by Biddu and Carl Douglas, but incontestably the greatest hit of disco was LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY by Donna Summer. Sadly the Queen of Disco has passed from the […]