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HillBilly Ranch Bar Boston – 1999

As you get old you forget. as you get older, you are forgotten – anon I know that I didn’t come up with that quote, because I haven’t really forget everything yet and several years ago I reminisced about Lost Boston with a few old-timers during an afternoon Jacob Wirth’s bar, while killing time waiting […]

Inspiring Muse

The winter sun dropped to the west of Greenpoint. The tenement bricks glowed red under a cold spring sky. I climbed the stairs to a small studio showing small paintings of Walter Robinson. I nodded to Lisa and the artist. They seemed very much in love. Really. Walter’s painting were not self-portraits, but studies of […]

Donna Summer RIP

Music critics have argued over whether the first disco song was the Hues Corporation’s “Rock the Boat”, George McCrae’s “Rock Your Baby” or”Kung Fu Fighting” by Biddu and Carl Douglas, but incontestably the greatest hit of disco was LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY by Donna Summer. Sadly the Queen of Disco has passed from the […]