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The SS Showboat Mayflower Nantasket

A fleet of side wheel steamers plied the waters of Boston harbor in the early part of the 20th Century. The flotilla was reduced to one by a fire in 1919. The Mayflower remained in service until 1948. After its decommission its new owner had the white-hulled ship hauled close to shore several yards from […]

My Loved Nana

My Nana came off the boat from Ireland at the age of 14. She broke her heel coming down the gangway. Somehow everything turned out all right for a while. Nana loved us more than the moon and the stars. All of the thirteen cousins. We were her family

SEASON OF THE WITCH / Julie Driscoll and Trinity


The 1960s Space Race between the USSR and USA exterminated young boys’ worship of westerns. Cowboy hats, vests, guns, and holsters were retired to the closet next to toy boats and teddy bears. During the autumn of 1962 I pleaded with my parents to buy me an astronaut costume for Halloween and my father answered […]

Juvenile Mobile Lock-Up

The Catholic Church promoted procreation in hopes that those of the faith would demographically overwhelm the other religions. My mother was a devout Catholic. She gave birth to six children through the 1950s. Our family car was a Ford station wagon and my father child-proofed the spacious car by affixing aluminum tubes to the windows. […]