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marangu 40-meter race – fast steeve, ubah, jackman, m’zee, and youngblood.

Combat Zone Amnesia

In the 60s urban social scientists suggested to Boston officials that the city create an adult entertainment area between the bus station on Boylston Street and Chinatown to contain the wickedness of mankind. The experiment green-lighted prostitution, drag queens, piano bars, go-go bars, rent boys, and pornography along Washington Street and the adjacent blocks. The […]

The That That Was

I left my native Boston for New York at the age of 24. Much of my life has been spent overseas in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. When I returned to the States in 2008, friends asked, “Don’t you miss anything about the United States?” “I miss Warmuth’s Restaurant and Hi-Hat Lounge in Boston, the […]

Bah Fucking Scumbug

I remain true to the old school despite my non-believer status. Today we were hanging ornaments on the tree at the residence in Luxembourg. I came down in a Scrooge-like night garment. The young people regarded me strange and I explained that I was Scrooge. They had no idea what I was talking about. “Don’t […]

The SS Showboat Mayflower Nantasket

Throughout the early part of the 20th Century a fleet of side wheel steamers plied the waters of Boston harbor. The flotilla was reduced to one by a fire in 1919, but the Mayflower ran to Nantasket Beach until 1948. After its decommission its new owner hauled the white-hulled ship close to shore and opened […]