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Playing With Fire

My young friends sometimes complain that these times are no fun. Gwen O’Neils’ comrades aren’t like that. To quote the band ART, “Our fun begins where other peoples’ fun ends. And they know how to play it safe too. Notice the plastic cup filled with something. Opps, I guess it was gasoline. Burn baby burn. […]

Too Much Too Soon

His last words were passing out was a mumble. “I’ve fallen, but don’t worry I’ll get up again.” Too much fun is sometimes too much to take in one sitting.

Young Charlotte

Charlotte Rampling Forever a goddess.


The Nuns of Our Lady of the Foothills taught their students math, English, religion, history, geography, and a scattering of other basic subjects. Their educational technique depended heavily on rote memorization and harsh discipline. Left-handers were considered possible satanists. The nun expected everyone to be right-handed. Any laggers were beaten into submission and laziness on […]

A Not Very August Afternoon – The Beacon Street Union

Back in 1968 the two best Boston bands were Ultimate Spinach and Beacon Street Union. My best friend and I attended several of their psychedelic Saturday concerts on Cambridge Commons near Harvard. The longhaired coeds dressed like peasants. None of the hippie girls were fat and few wore bras. Chuckie and I hadn’t been to […]