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FLUTE THING By Peter Nolan Smith

In the Spring of 1969 I ran for president of the South Shore CYO Deanery. My older brother was the incumbent and my election was close to unanimous. Mid-summer I met with the other officers at the CYO headquarters in Weymouth and we planned out our event schedule for autumn, winter, and spring. The previous […]

You Bet I Would # 64

If only to hold hands with Charlotte Rampling, I would love to have a time machine.

$148 LEVIS by Peter Nolan Smith

My mother dressed my older brother and me in jeans for most of the 1950s and early 1960s, however when the hippies adopted the tough western trousers as part of their unofficial uniform, Cardinal Cushing of the Boston diocese banned Levis on his evening rosary program. A fierce Catholic my mother obeyed the Pope’s representative […]

NO UP OR DOWN By Peter Nolan Smith

The 1960s Space Race between the USSR and USA exterminated young boys’ worship of westerns and we retired cowboy hats, vests, guns, and holsters to the closet next to toy boats and teddy bears. During the autumn of 1962 I pleaded with my parents to buy me an astronaut costume for Halloween and my father […]

Playing With Fire

My young friends sometimes complain that these times are no fun. Gwen O’Neils’ comrades aren’t like that. To quote the band ART, “Our fun begins where other peoples’ fun ends. And they know how to play it safe too. Notice the plastic cup filled with something. Opps, I guess it was gasoline. Burn baby burn. […]