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Never-Ending Winter

Never-Ending Winter Last night I went to sleep at on the top floor of the Fort Greene Observatory. I was wearing a cotton night gown and my cover was a double blanket. The cold seeped through the windows and a little past 3am I woke to a chill. The outside temperature was wavering in the [...]

Extinct Slush

Yesterday the New York temperature was in the 50s. Dirty snow clung to the sidewalks. Ice refused to melt, but the slush was gone. It got cold again today. And the forecast for Wednesday is for more snow. This winter keeps coming. And the slush now extinct will flow again.

Proof Of Global Warming

The recent cold spell is the USA has revived the global warming denialists’ campaign of refuting science. I suspect many had failed the subject in high school. I responded to their fervent rejection of reason in a reply to a Huffington Post article about the freezing of the Great Lakes by writing the following; “Global [...]

Blizzard of 77 Slideshow

After the last big storm residents of the Upper East Side complained about snow removal. The new mayor replied that they received the smae service as any communities in the five boroughs. The filthy rich immediately accused DeBlasio of class warfare. Today a fierce storm descended on New York City. By noon over eight inches [...]

Black Ice

Yesterday smug northerners ridiculed the snowbound paralysis of Atlanta. “There was only two inches of snow,” sneered Jon Stewart of Comedy Central. ‘Maybe we should airlift Maine drivers down to the South to teach them how to drive in winter conditions,” joked a friend at Frank’s Lounge. My grandfather once said, “There are two seasons [...]