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Snow Day In New York

Winter used to be the season of cold. In 1978 a blizzard dropped three feet of snow on the Northeast. The suburbs were cut off from the cities by ten-foot drifts on the highways. I lived in the East Village. At night I clomped through the yellowing slush to CBGBs. Army boots and a leather […]

Cold As A Witches Teat

Tonight’s weather has been predicted to be the rainy, which will certainly be better that New Year’s Eve 2018, the coldest end of the year in the history of New York. I’ve been in other cold nights in this city. Most memorial. 1971. Doctor Nick, Wayne Shephard, Eddie Mickie, and Wayne’s sister drove up to […]

BOXING DAY BLIZZARD by Peter Nolan Smith

December 23 was my last day of work for the holiday season for 2010. Richie Boy and I had worked three weeks solid without a break. An extra hour was added to the schedule in hopes of last minute shoppers. There were none. Jewelry was x-ed off Santa’s list this year, although Richie Boy held […]

Batten Down The Hatches

Hurricane Dorian is predicted to hit the Bahamas as a category 5 storm on Sunday. Houses on those low islands are required with be built to withstand 120mph winds. Dorian might top the record with 200 MPH cyclonic gusts. Donald Trump has tweeter that the hurricane with will catastrophic and headed to his Virginia Golf […]

THE EYE OF THE STORM by Peter Nolan Smith

In early September of 1960 Hurricane Donna struck New England as a category 2/3 storm. The radio station WBZ announced numerous school closing led by Beaver County Day School and closely followed by my primary school on the South Shore, Our Lady of the Foothills. My older brother and I were happy to stay home. […]