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COLD AS IT GETS by Peter Nolan Smith

Mount Washington was far from the tallest mountain on the face of the Earth, however in 1934 the summit observatory recorded the strongest measured wind on the planet at 231 mph or 372 km/hr. Winter temperatures on Agiocdochook, or “Home of the Great Spirit” regularly dropped as low as -50F. Death from hypothermia can occur […]

Blizzard Conditions In Fort Greene

No snow fell on Christmas Day in New York. None fell on New Year’s Day north in Duchess County either, although snow clung to the rocky shadows in the woods. The North Atlantic states were experiencing an extraordinarily warm winter, despite my prayers to pagan snow gods. Two days ago the weathermen predicted a change. […]

Go Neanderthals Go

The Neanderthal dominated Europe and Asia for almost a half-million years. This species of Man vanished from the Earth 24,000 years ago. Anthropologists once blamed the fall of the Neanderthals on their stupidity, while recent studies have revealed that the ancient men had large brains than their homo sapiens descendants and were stronger and taller […]

Heat Wave At The North Pole

Temperatures at North Pole rose from the arctic harshness of well below zero to above freezing thanks to an unusual storm dragging warm weather into the polar region, as the Boreal regions heat up at a faster rate than the rest of the world, however the present temperature at the North Pole. -51F today. Cold […]

Texas Blizzard

Two days ago I was stunned to see trees budding in Boston Commons, although understandable since this December has been strangely warm. Temperatures have risen into the 60s and are expected to remain in the 50s. Flowers are budding throughout the North East, but the National Weather Service has forecasted an extraordinarily fierce snowstorm to […]