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Blue Balls For The GOP

The GOP Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, appeared before his peers with a snow ball from the streets on DC in his hand to promote his belief that Global Warming is a hoax by the liberal media to steal money from the hard-working rich driving this country toward the […]

How Cold Was It?

A young couple purchased an old home in Northern Maine from two elderly sisters. “How you survive winter up here?” “No problem,” the older sister answered with Yankee terseness. The young couple bought the house, but with the approach of Winter the husband was concerned about the house’s lack of insulation. “If they could live […]

Colder Than A Witch’s Tit

The expression ‘Colder Than A Witches Teat’ is popularly thought to have derived from the witch trials of the Dark Ages (410AD-1964AD). The inquisitors searched the accused females naked body for signs of the Devil; extra teats, nipples, pimples, scars et al. Witches, mostly midwives, were considered heartless by radical Christians and heartlessness meant no […]

Snow Day For Boston

More snow fell on Boston. The accumulation for the month has been over 70 inches. Another storm has Beantown in its sights for tomorrow. The Mayor has closed the T. The trains travel in the open air. The Air will be filled with snow. Trains an especially old trolleys hate the snow. School will shut […]

National Hate Florida Day

Icy rain in New York. 12 inches of snow predicted for Boston. The northern tier of the USA is gripped by winter. Only one state in the Lower 48 offers any relief. Florida. Wish I was there. Key West. Nowhere warmer than the end of US 1.