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Noblesse Ne’er-Do-Wells

Several years back the red shirts of Bangkok targeted the shopping malls of their political rivals, the yellow shirts. The drama between the two groups was a mystery to most foreigners, yet understood by the majority of Thais as a struggle between the ruling cliques of the Land of Smiles. I googled ‘thailand five families […]

Four Men From Maine

Back in the early 90s I was in a Bangkok bar. I heard an accent and approached the speaker, a 40ish man in a flannel shirt. “Are you from Bangor?” “Yeah, what about you?” “Falmouth Foresides.” I had lived the first eight years of my life across from Portland. “We must be the only two […]

Thai New Year’s Traffic Festival

When I was young, the radio listed the national traffic death toll on the holidays. As a tribute to our nation’s patriotism America scored the highest fatalities on the 4th of July. New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day were never close. These announcements were designed to warn the public about the dangers of driving […]

Kicking Off The New Year

After New Year’s Day of 2008 my ‘wife’ packed the car with Angie, Champoo, and her fat sister for the return drive to Chai-nat. Her week stay for Xmas had been torture. My every word was ignored with visible disdain. She told my daughter that I was a worthless drunk. My young daughter and I […]

Moe-Ho Road Rage ala Thai

This Thai expression is rarely used while behind the wheel. On Boxing Day 2005 a neighbor roared down my soi in his pick-up. He nearly hit my daughter. My wife later said he didn’t come close, but I took off after him on my motorcycle to give him a piece of my mind. At the […]