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Coastal Pit Stop / Laem Mae Phim

Last Thursday my two-year son, Fenway, his mom, and older cousin hit the road early Thursday morning for a road trip from Sriracha to a small village near Ta Phyara on the Thai-Cambodian border. I had rented a Toyota Altis 1.6 with good AC. Mam wanted me to straight-line to see her two older kids, […]


Last summer a boat driver came over to our table at the Full Moon Bar in Jomtien. Tip liked to drink. The young Cambodian smiled at me and said something to Mam. I really didn’t understand what, but her reaction translated the meaning. Tip smiled at me again like I was an old fool. That […]

Elephant Magic Trick for Thai Love

Elephants have long memories. Mostly because they have long lives. I have met 100 year-old elephants in Thailand. Not in Africa since poachers killed the pachyderms for their tusks. You would have thought somewhere along the line these ivory hunters would have invested in an elephant dentist, although I doubt elephants are very tractable for […]


Several years ago my friend, Sam Royalle, suspected his girlfriend was seeing another man. “How do you know that?” Farangs don’t understand how hard it was for a Thai woman to be with a westerner. They don’t speak the same language. Their tastes in food, movies, music, and humor were complete opposites. No matter how […]

How We Go

Here’s a list of death in Thailand spanning 2005-2008 complied by the US State Dept. THAILAND Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death 11-Jul-05 BANG LAMUNG Suicide 24-Jul-05 UBON RATCHATHANI Veh. Accident-Motorcycle 8-Aug-05 CHIANG MAI Drug-related 23-Sep-05 LOPBURI Veh. Accident-Auto 23-Sep-05 LOPBURI Veh. Accident-Auto 3-Oct-05 CHIANG MAI Drug-Related 4-Oct-05 SRIRACHA, Veh. Accident-Motorcycle 19-Oct-05 […]