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A DUSTY ROAD by Peter Nolan Smith

Thailand was a different world in 1990. Shady trees lined the sois. The klongs of Bangkok led to the Chao Phyra River. Barges transported rice from up-country. After a short stay at the Malaysia Hotel I was ready to head north to Chiang Mai. The train from Hualamphong Station left at 6pm. I booked a […]

The Day After Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong has long been Thailand’s most beautiful festival with candle-lit balloons rising into a night sky illuminated by a full November moon. Five years ago I was in Pattaya. Few girls and women were dressed in the traditional costume. The police had banned fireworks and their marine patrols gathered the krathong offerings less than […]

The Missing Of Loy Krathong

The most beautiful holidays in the world are the Hindu Diwali and Thailand’s Loy Krathong. These festivals of light celebrate the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month. I have celebrated Diwali in Lhasa Tibet with the Indian cooks of the Snow Dragon Hotel and Loy Krathong with my wife and children. Sadly this […]

Kicking Off The New Year

After New Year’s Day of 2008 my ‘wife’ packed the car with Angie, Champoo, and her fat sister for the return drive to Chai-nat. Her week stay for Xmas had been torture. My every word was ignored with visible disdain. She told my daughter that I was a worthless drunk. My restraint had been tested […]

Plastic Bags Forever

Scientists have reported that ocean currents have created a Sargasso Sea of plastic in the Northern Pacific. The expanse of waste products is approximately the size of Texas. No one wants to add their hand in this phenomena, but everything made of earth seems to be wrapped in plastic. Most of it ends up in […]