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Robert E. Peary Sins

The Ancients suspected the existence of the North and South Poles from astronomical calculations and the Mandaean religion prayed facing the North as the World of Light. For thousands of years the North Pole existed as a myth, however in the 19th Century Europeans sought the Northwest Passage through the the endless archipelago of barren […]

COME ALL YE FAITHFUL by Peter Nolan Smith

Written Mar 26, 2016 at 11:35 Pattaya is a city not well known for monogamy. Promises of fidelity last until you leave the room, because this city on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard has temptations by the thousands and those temptations rarely say no. Bar girls, rent boys, ka-toeys, booze, and drugs added up to damnation according […]

PURE AS THE RAIN by Peter Nolan Smith

Fuck the seventy-seven virgins, give me Pattaya – Pascha Ray One night in August the monsoon was having its way with the Eastern Seaboard. Sleets of rain slashed through the few remaining palms on the back street between Soi Bukhao and 3rd Road. The Happy Lodge inn served as a refuge from the crowds of […]

ANCIENT PORN by Peter Nolan Smith

Pornography is derived from the Greeks linking two words; prostitute and I read. The portrayal of sexual acts can be traced to pre-Ice Age. Scientist claim a naked figurine carved from a mammoth ivory was man’s first attempt at figurative representation. Opponents to this thought counter that lurid images were not found amongst the thousands […]

THE STAFF OF SCHMOSES by Peter Nolan Smith

In July of 1995 my cousin flew from LA to dance at ShowWorld in Times Square. The boyish brunette’s loyal following packed the legendary porno parlor to worship Sherri’s stage acrobatics. Thankfully pleasing her audience required little more than stripping off her clothes. The XXX actress augmented her take by selling underwear and signing posters. […]