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COME ALL YE FAITHFUL by Peter Nolan Smith

Pattaya is not a city known for monogamy. Promises of fidelity last, until you leave the room, because this city on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard offers temptations by the thousands and those temptations rarely say no. Bar girls, rent boys, ka-toeys, booze, and drugs added up to damnation according to Reverend Joe Stannis of the Holy [...]

Drag Queens Uprising

The decline of Manhattan’s meatpacking district opened the waterfront area to a host of nefarious nocturnal activities in the 1960s. S & M bars catering to a gay clientele flourished throughout the 70s and transvestite hookers worked the NJ car trade from underneath the slaughterhouse’s tin roofs. AIDs savaged the denizens of The Anvil, The [...]

Shemales In Chadors

Oh You Roue

‎ “The only horrible thing in the world is ennui, Dorian. That is the one sin for which there is no forgiveness.” Lord Henry Wotton explains to a young Dorian Gray in Oscar Wilde’s PORTRAIT OF DORIAN GRAY

Anti-Porn Gay

My faux-sister Pip was defending Marc Stevens on Facebook the other day against the assault of a Woman from Berlin and a Square Gay, I caught the thread in mid-stream and couldn’t help but join in the fray. He and I were almost lovers. Here’s the exchange; PIP – MArc Stevens was a next-door neighbor [...]