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Kili Initiative 2019 – A Path Into The Plains – # 8

Loitokitok’s Preacher Man launched the morning program right at dawn. I recognized his rant and climbed out of the tent growling off its best lines. The church across the valley glowed with light. I couldn’t make out a single person on the veranda. The young people at the table shook their heads hearing my speaking […]

Camping Kibo Lodge # 7 – Kili Initiative 2019

On the next days the Kili Initiative 2019 team engaged in various bonding challenges presented them by JM. Ma’we, and Fast Steve. These exercises were designed to interlocked the team into each other. Not as rivals, but as comrades. Jackman, Vanessa, Maureen, Ubah, Jaubah, Larry, Laityn, and Natatlia were young people. None of them knew […]

A Walk At Night – Nairobi / Kili Initiative 2019 # 3

Nairobi’s reputation for violent crime had earned the Kenyan capitol the nickname ‘Nai-rob-ee. Commander Tim and his Kili Initiative team had warned that I shouldn’t leave the grounds of the YMCA. “We can not promise your safety,” shrugged Fast Steve. “A white man is a target always after dark.” I had walked thought a slum […]

2019 KILI INITIATIVE # 5 – Kibo Lodge Reveille

5:55am came early the next morning. Young voices issued from the Kibo Lodge gardens and I rose from bed. The entire entourage was gathered in a clearing. Loitokitok glowed on a near hilltop. The sun was rising in the East. I thought about going back to sleep, then reproached myself, “I didn’t come all this […]

Perpignan 1982

In the summer of 1982 my college friend Nick Napoli came to Paris. Walter D was DJ for the Rex Club’s final 24-hour marathon of new wave and ethnic bands featuring Toure Kunda and Virgin Prunes. We weren’t straight for any of those hours. The club’s manager Olivier had a family beach home on the […]