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THE TASTE OF PIG by Peter Nolan Smith

My great-grandaunt Bert circumnavigated the world on her father?s whaling ship in the 1870s. In 1960 National Geographic published a story about her childhood travels and at her 101st birthday the old Yankee lady related tales of seeing the black-toothed betel-nut chewers of Indonesia and joining tiger hunts on Java. The only two other family […]

Charleroi, A Thing Of Beauty

For the centuries Luxembourg served as a barrier against the invading armies of Northern Europe. The city was surrounded by the thickly forested Ardennes and massive fortifications topped sheer cliffs, allowing hundreds of troops foil the attack of thousands. Militarists called the citadel the Gibraltar of the North and in the autumn of 2011 I […]

Poetry In the Ruins

Industrial ruins haunt both sides of the Hudson River. Tall chimneys mark them from a distance. On this winter morning no one is there but me. Walls stand as tombstones. They act as grafitti billboards For my eyes only. Black is our safe shadow. Scream into her earth and cry. Protect with unconditional love. Hold […]

MAUVAIS MECS by Peter Nolan Smith

That year winter had been mild in Paris. Farther to the North snow covered Germany and I was glad to have been detoured from Berlin to Paris by an urgent phone call. Vonelli was in trouble. When I got off the train in Gare Du Nord, no one waiting at the station, which was a […]

DUST THEN MUD by Peter Nolan Smith

Bangkok was a different city in 1990. Shady trees lined the sois. The klongs led to the Chao Phyra River. Barges transported rice from up-country. After a short stay at the Malaysia Hotel I was ready to head north to Chiang Mai. I booked a 2nd Class AC sleeper at Hualamphong Station. The train pulled […]