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שוב רצח עם עז

Facebook has censored most of my comments on Gaza. I believe in the one state for all the peoples. Isrhael stole the land of Palestine with the help of the British and French after World War I, but that history don’t matter now. All the wars fought and the uprisings crushed and the apartheid oppression […]

International Write Off Day # 3

Written May 2, 2012 My first credit card came via Mrs. Carolina. 1995. “It’s an American Express for emergencies.” The blonde golfer loved the way I kissed and she visited me once a month in New York. Ms. Carolina told her husband that I was gay. His believing her mapped a faultline in my masculinity. […]

The New Warsaw -Jenin – Gaza

In the summer of 1939 the German blitzkrieg overran Western Poland and laid siege to Warsaw. The City surrendered on September 29, 1939. The Wehrmacht or the German army occupied the Polish capitol backed by the Einsatzgruppe EG IV and the Einsatzkommandos. By November 1940 the commander of EG IV, Josef Meisinger ‘Butcher of Warsaw’ […]

Equality For All With Exceptions

In 1775 the Atlantic Colonies of the British Empire rebelled against the rule of George III. Battles against the Crown had been fought around Boston in Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill. While failing to Capture Quebec in the winter of 1776, the Continental Army under Washington had forced the English out of Boston on March […]

Florida Drifter – January 1975 – Journal Entry

1975 Winter Night A Palm Beach golf course The 17th green Shadows of palm trees Against a starry balmy night. I spread out a sheet I fall asleep Rain wakes me Not rain Green sprinklers To the west night To the east dawn Flamingoes surrounded me Not plastic Pink flamingoes Laugh Hot swampy morning Florida […]