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Bad Mouthing the Eagle

Benjamin Franklin proposed the turkey for the national bird. The turkey of his era was nothing like the domesticated bird slaughtered for Thanksgiving. The wild turkey was a cunning wood creature living in large communes of fellow avians. Huge flocks of brightly plumed turkeys would cloud the skies. Benjamin Franklin was vehemently against the choice […]

KOSHER PIG by Peter Nolan Smith

Ten years ago business in the Diamond District was almost non-existent during the high holidays of Rosh Shananah and Yom Kippur. The Hassidim disappeared to the various shetls scattered around New York and tourists entered our diamond exchange to gawk at the diamonds and jewelry. At least twice a day out-of-towners asked in complete seriousness, […]

9/11 Plus 6

Bring me the head of Osama Bin Laden! The Pentagon increased the reward for OBL to $50,000,000 tax-free Dead or Alive. No takers. The al-Quada mastermind responded to this ante with video inviting the West to embrace Islam or else. Faced with those two options I regretfully have to inform the world’s most wanted fugitive […]

Make Mine Rare

Two Labor Day weekends ago in Maine my brother-in-law and I had several discussions about whether it was better to BBQ with charcoal or gas. The world’s leading leisurologist voted for gas and I bowed to the swami’s greater savvy on this subject. Some subjects you have to leave to the experts.

$69 Watermelon

The price of everything in New York City is determined by a multi-layer of costs; taxes, rents, transportation et al. Fort Greene’s merchants ticket their merchandise, as if the one-time black neighborhood was a suburb of Paris. The other day I wandered into Provisions on Fulton Street. Its AC was a relief from the heat, […]