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Nyet To Mickie Ds

America is over 5000 miles from the Crimea. Russia basically annexed the peninsula from the Ukraine after the collapse of that national’s pro-Kremlin government. The right-wing TV demagogues and the GOP interventionist members of Congress have called for action against the ‘invasion’ and two days ago the USA retaliated with a non-violent fury, as the [...]


A TRAIN STATION WITHOUT TRAINS is a collection of four stories set in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Millions of tourists come to view one of the largest open air interiors in the world and while I’ve traveled north from the station, I’ve also spent time eating and drinking at the fabled Oyster Bar and [...]

BAD MAN by Peter Nolan Smith

In February of 2013 the president of a private jet charter service invited me to dinner at the Oyster Bar. I accepted without hesitation, because I was a born and bred New Englander and nowhere else in the city served a wider variety of oysters. “You don’t mind if I my girlfriend and her daughter [...]

Fuck Ronald MacDonald

Every day 68 million people visit MacDonald’s Burgers. The worldwide conglomerate began as a Speedy Service Restaurant at 1398 North E Street at West 14th Street in San Bernardino, California and now operates over 38,000 franchises in a 118 countries. My first Mickie D’s was located in Quincy, Massachusetts. I loved their milk shakes and [...]

KOSHER CHINESE FOOD by Peter Nolan Smith

After Valentine’s Day business on 47th Street slowed to a halt. The rich were vacationing in St. Barts and Palm Beach. Oil bills taxed normal New Yorkers to the bone and purchasing a diamond was the last thing on most people’s mind in a bad economy during the harshest winter in modern memory. Hlove the [...]