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Make Mine Rare

Last Labor Day weekend in Maine my brother-in-law and I had several discussions about whether it was better to BBQ with charcoal or gas. The world’s leading leisurologist voted for gas and I bowed to the swami’s greater savvy on this subject. Some subjects you have to leave to the experts.

Erotic Hot Dog Contest

The best hamburger in the world came from Simpson’s Grove outside Portland. The buns were toasted, the sauce was a mild relish/ketchup combo, cheddar cheese melting over the edges, and an all-beef patties sizzling with grilled fat. Yummy. No trace of this heavenly hamburger stand exists on the internet. The best steak came from a […]

Dog Yum-Yum

The islands of Ternate and Tidore were the destination of European explorers seeking to circumvent the Ottoman Empire’s monopoly on the spice trade. Only one ship from Magellan’s fleet returned from their historic voyage around the world and the spices purchased on these islands paid off the cost of the trip and made the investors […]

Steamers In New York

Yesterday I thought about treating myself to fried clams and bike down to Little Neck off the Gowanus Canal. I was thoroughly disappointed by their offering. Even the clam strips from the extinct HoJOs in Times Square were better than these measly clams. No bellies. Mostly Batter and fries. $22. Today I bought Steamers from […]

Watermelon In The Summer

Watermelon is best in the summer. The fruit spread from Southern Africa and was cultivated along the Nile River during the 12th Dynasty. It was good then and it’s good now.