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Steamers In New York

Yesterday I thought about treating myself to fried clams and bike down to Little Neck off the Gowanus Canal. I was thoroughly disappointed by their offering. Even the clam strips from the extinct HoJOs in Times Square were better than these measly clams. No bellies. Mostly Batter and fries. $22. Today I bought Steamers from […]

Watermelon In The Summer

Watermelon is best in the summer. The fruit spread from Southern Africa and was cultivated along the Nile River during the 12th Dynasty. It was good then and it’s good now.

Dinner For Thirteen

The Synoptic Gospels recount Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. A week later the preacher had been betrayed by Judas, arrested by the authorities, tried by the Romans, crucified on the order of Pontius Pilate, buried in a cave, and rose from the dead from the dead a week later. Over the centuries […]

A Baguette and Butter

In the Sixties on the South Shore my Irish grandmother Nana used to serve her grandchildren sugary tea and buttered Wonder Bread toast upon our return from parochial school. We dipped the crisp slices into the sweet milky tea and each bite revived our bodies and souls from eight hours under the nuns and the […]

Warmuth’s Boston

During the early 60s my mother would drive her six children into Boston to pick up my father at 51 Milk Street, where he worked for New England Telephone. She liked eating out, since it meant not having to cook for her ravenous horde. Our favorite restaurant was Warmuth’s. The restaurant specialized in steaks, lobbster, […]