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KOSHER PIG by Peter Nolan Smith

Two years ago business in the Diamond District was almost non-existent during the high holidays of Rosh Shananah and Yom Kippur. The Hassidim disappeared to the various shetls scattered around New York and tourists entered our diamond exchange to gawk at the diamonds and jewelry. At least twice a day out-of-towners asked in complete seriousness, […]

Pastrami On Nothing

This week the Carnegie Deli’s owner announced the closing of the nearly 80 year-old kosher restaurant. Marian Harper Levine’s family has owned the fabled knoshetria since 1971, but a battle with ConEd over an illegal tap on a gas pipe and the long hours have taken a toll on the 60ish operator. “At this stage […]

Popcorn In A Hoodie

I love popcorn. I hate Bud Lite. despite this conflict I’m impressed by this man’s ingenuity. Popcorn, beer, and looking at the wall. Paradise.

Yee-Hah Texas

In 2010 Texas executed 18 men. Their punishment was ordered by the state for the crimes of murder. The next up on the injection table deserved the ultimate punishment for the heinous murder of a black man in 1998. His crime had been to man to drag his victim behind a Ford pick-up truck to […]

Make Mine Rare

Last Labor Day weekend in Maine my brother-in-law and I had several discussions about whether it was better to BBQ with charcoal or gas. The world’s leading leisurologist voted for gas and I bowed to the swami’s greater savvy on this subject. Some subjects you have to leave to the experts.