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Fenway Eats Frog

My son Fenway isn’t French, but he does like a good fried frog. Or gohp thawwt. Me, I only like the legs.

THE FLIGHT OF A FAT MAN by Peter Nolan Smith

Man has aspired to flight from time immemorial. In the winter of 1971 my New Yorker friend Eddie fantasized about soaring in a glider. He had one big problem. Eddie weighed 450 pounds. THE FLIGHT OF A FAT MAN recounts Eddie’s achieving his dream thanks to a teenage girl from the South Shore. Sookie had […]

INSECTS YUM YUM by Peter Nolan Smith

Most tourists to Thailand are fascinated by the food cart selling with fried insects i.e. crickets, grubs, cockroaches, scorpions, and several unidentified members of the insect species. Photos cost 10 baht. Thais revel in daring farangs to cross that culinary line in hopes of witnessing the European upchuck the crawly creature,s as if they were […]

Nyet To Mickie Ds

America is over 5000 miles from the Crimea. Russia basically annexed the peninsula from the Ukraine after the collapse of that national’s pro-Kremlin government. The right-wing TV demagogues and the GOP interventionist members of Congress have called for action against the ‘invasion’ and two days ago the USA retaliated with a non-violent fury, as the […]


A TRAIN STATION WITHOUT TRAINS is a collection of four stories set in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Millions of tourists come to view one of the largest open air interiors in the world and while I’ve traveled north from the station, I’ve also spent time eating and drinking at the fabled Oyster Bar and […]