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Fight Club Pussies

A couple of years ago Big Al told me about a bar in the Valley. “Where people like to fight. You wanna go?” Big Al and I had met in Pattaya. It was the Last Babylon on Earth. “Do I have to fight?” “No, you can watch, you pussy.” Big Al was 300 plus and [...]

FIGHTING FOR WHAT by Peter Nolan Smith

Everything happened quick in CBGB’s subterranean toilets. The release of body waste was rivaled by magic-markering a band’s name atop the thousands of previous honorees in the toilet’s hall of fame and while the inhalation of cocaine or heroin in the stalls was more popular than shooting up dope or speedballs, sex within the battered [...]

Sucker Punch

In the winter of 1967 I stood outside the parking lot of BC High with a Southie girl. The G Clefs were performing soul hits on stage. Debbie and I had danced to their version of MUSTANG SALLY. We were talking about school. Her eyes widened in surprise and I turned to see why. A [...]


The other evening I was at a party for the painter Jonathan Gent. The UK native’s work covered the apartment walls of a Wall Street banker, who had been gracious enough to support a live artist. His patron was a basketball player. They always have cred with me. The mini-paintings sold fast and Jonathan was [...]

Chuck Norris Top Ten List

chuck norris, ton ten list, bryan lebouef After Tom Selleck, Chuck Norris was my late gay brother’s favorite actor. Michael’s favoritism was based on trim facial hair. James Brolin was his third choice. Strangely Bryan La Boeuf, painter and rodeo phenom emailed a top ten list for Chuck Norris. And Bryan is straight. Being a [...]