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Last summer a boat driver came over to our table at the Full Moon Bar in Jomtien. Tip liked to drink. The young Cambodian smiled at me and said something to Mam. I really didn’t understand what, but her reaction translated the meaning. Tip smiled at me again like I was an old fool. That […]

Buzz Aldrin Moon Shot

On Jun 13, 2016 moon landing denier Bart Sibrel followed Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin out of a Hollywood hotel and relentlessly harassed him about whether he actually landed on the moon. Buzz reacted. Many have seen the short clip of the actual punch, but note how much verbal confrontation preceded it. Sibrel has […]

Death Rounds 11-14 Thrilla in Manila

Muhammad Ali – Sonny Liston 2nd Fight 1964

In 1964 I watched the second Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston fight on TV.

Joe Frazier the thrilla in manila

The Thrilla in Manila between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali on October 1, 1975 has been called the greatest fight of modern times. Ali entered the ring out of condition. Joe Frazier had lost three fights; two to George Foreman and one to Ali. HIs career was thought to be over. The heat the morning […]