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The Arborway trolley rattled on the Centre Street tracks toward Forest Hills. Two longhaired men and a young blonde woman in a peasant dress sat on the wooden seats of the near-empty streetcar. Each had a travel bag at their feet. Sean Coll unfolded a map of America and his New York friend pointed to […]

ALMOST A DEAD MAN by Peter Nolan Smith- CHAPTER 3

ALMOST A DEAD MAN by Peter Nolan Smith – CHAPTER 2

Howling sirens sent East Villagers fleeing into the Astor Place Subway. A lucky few reached the shelter of the tunnel and the rest raised their eyes to the speck falling to Earth. A white flash vaporized New York into the ionosphere.

ALMOST A DEAD MAN by Peter Nolan Smith – CHAPTER 1

A scurry of claws scratched across the damp basement floor and the woman on the battered chair lifted her black stiletto heels in horror, but rats were the least of her problems. This afternoon her lover had phone to suggest a rendezvous in Hamburg’s harbor district. She had arrived after dark in anticipation of an […]

THE RULE OF MR. KLAUS by Peter Nolan Smith / Anthony Scibelli

In the early 70s the Twin Towers rose over Lower Manhattan, but by 1978 New York City was bankrupt and the desolation of the Battery Park landfill stretched along the Hudson. The wind off the river blew sand in all directions and whole neighborhoods fled the spreading anarchy. The rich knew nothing of the poor. […]