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Mia Noi DNA Test

Thailand is a surprisingly puritan country. The nation’s Buddhist tenets demand propriety on all levels of life. Most people succeed in keeping the straight and narrow, however many men lose interest in their first wives and take up with mia nois or small wives. When my wife left to go up country, ostensively to care […]

Taking A Friend Home

On the evening of April 15, 1912 the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage across the North Atlantic. The unsinkable White Star ocean liner sank three hours later. Only 20% of the passenger and crew survived the disaster. According to the Bowdoin online magazine one of casualty was Richard White and his […]

IRISH TWINS by Peter Nolan Smith

A MOTHER’S LAST WISH by Peter Nolan Smith

After the last holidays of 2006 my mother entered the final stages of her battle with cancer. These last rounds were not a pretty site, but her beauty remained intact to the end. Several days after the New Year my mother held my hand and said, “I’m so happy I made Christmas.” “Me too.” I […]

The Far West Of Ireland

My grandmother came from County Mayo. Her last name was Walsh. Nana sailed to Boston at the age of fourteen. That ocean voyage was so traumatic that she never returned to Ireland. My mother and her sisters often offered to fly Nana to Shannon. “I don’t want to see that sea again. Once is fine. […]