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ATLANTIC SLAPDOWN by Peter Nolan Smith

Last Saturday my landlord extended me a late afternoon invitation to join a family excursion to the beach. The streets of Brooklyn were sweltering in the sultry heat and my only other water option was a long soak in my tub. My answer was quick and to the point. “Gimme five minutes.” Within 4 I […]

Nagasaki Plus One Month 1945

This rare photo of the Hiroshima mushroom cloud was taken on August 6, 1945. The Hiroshima bombing claimed approximately 120,000 lives and the subsequent leveling of Nagasaki annihilated 80,000. The US military strategists have long held that these two attacks saved over a million US troops by forcing the Japanese Empire to surrender to the […]

GAY AT HEART by Peter Nolan Smith

My family left Maine on a sunny June morning in 1960. At the end of the street the deep blue of Portland Harbor shivered with the first kiss of summer. Lawn mowers buzzed across the green lawns of Falmouth Foresides and black-yellow bees zigzagged between my mother’s flowers. They wouldn’t be hers tomorrow. “We’re done,” […]


From my younger sister about my brother Michael Charles Smith. “I was driving home tonight listening to vintage Hall & Oates and thinking of Michael. Their song “Maneater” came on. I remember it was a hit around 1984. I came home to Milton from DC a few days before Christmas. Mom and I were chatting […]

MIss You Long Time – Michael Charles Smith

In the summer of 1995 my baby brother succumbed to the ravages of AIDS. I miss him every day along with the rest of my friends and family who died from that killer. I will remember them forever. My brother’s name was Michael Charles Smith. He’s the smaller blonde boy in the photo. And still […]