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LOOKING A LOT ALIKE by Peter Nolan Smith

Three months ago I started a new job selling jewelry on the Upper East Side. I came highly recommended by diamond dealers on 47th Street. My boss Jeri trusted me with the store and her million-dollar merchandise. One September morning I spent an hour setting up the jewelry. Jeri liked the way I displayed her […]

Not What It Seems

Last Thanksgiving a West Chester University student vanished after a night drinking with friends. This Saturday his body was found in the Schuylkill River, less than half a mile downstream from where he was last seen. The police declared the cause of death as drowning by misadventure, however there is more to this story than […]

The Dream Is Never Over

After spending a lovely night in Houston, JFK and his wife boarded the presidential jet for a short hop to Dallas. The crowds lining the route applauded the president and his hostess, Mrs. Connolly, commented, Dallas loved him and he replied, “That’s very obvious.” The single bullet and then another struck JFK within a second […]

51 Years Later

Today no one in New York mentioned JFKs bad day in Dallas. Neither the BBC, New York Times, nor Al-Jazeera wrote a single line about the November 22, 1963 tragedy, proving the old adage that as you get old you forget and as you get older you are forgotten. 51 years might be a long […]

Help Anyone

I am writing to you with Tears, My family and I came down here to Manila, Philippines for Holiday, Unfortunately we were mugged at the park, All money, credit card and Phones were stolen away from us, luckily for us we still have our passports saved with us. We have been to the consulate but […]