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Melania Trump So Pretty

These days Donald Trump looks like a happy man. His election victory was a triumph of the Electoral College over the popular vote. His 45.9% total versus Hillary’s 48.0% of 57% percent of the possible voting public. Over 24% of the 43% of the unvoting public are excluded from the ballot polls by suppressive measures […]

Young Charlotte

Charlotte Rampling Forever a goddess.

You Bet I Would Charlotte Rampling

Sexy Thai Valentines

Red red red. More red. Ready for red. Red Lady Karn More red Lady Karn Ever red. Thai red. And just a redhead. Ladyboys all red.

Sammie Was Black

Only one black man earned a spot with Sinatra’s Rat Pack in Las Vegas. Sammy Davis Junior. Mister Show Business might have been the token black for the Silent Majority, but Mr. Show Business was well aware of his place in the white world after a stint in the Army. “Overnight the world looked different. […]