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Angles of Angels

Steve Tyler of the group Arrowsmith once said that during the early part of his career he chose groupies asking them to put their legs together and if he could put his hand between their upper thighs then he was on. This blonde might have passed his scrutiny. But just.

Happy Sabaii Sabaii Happy by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1972 Bhutan’s King Jigme Singye Wangchuck attempted to reform his country’s feudal economy on a Buddhist spiritual level rather than a capitalistic model. To best judge his efforts the king created a Gross Domestic Happiness Index based on life satisfaction, life expectancy at birth, and ecological footprint per capita. The Happy Planet Index placed […]

I Love Hippie Girls

They set me to CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’. Or THE MOD SQUAD Famous groupie models. An iconic dancing girls at Woodstock. It was enough to make a young man grow his hair long and hit the road.

Lookalikes – Maria Schnieder / Abbey lee Kershaw

Beauty is not separated by time. Only by years. And then only by those who never see beauty.

You Bet I Would – Goth

This photo of Paul Coulson was ripped off by Richard Prince for his Instagram series. Last year he sold them for $100,000. They now go for twice that. Neither the photographer nor the model remunerated by the ‘artist’. A rip-off and no one says ‘boo’. As Proudhon said, “All possession is theft.