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Paving Over Paradise

My first visit to Bangkok was in 1990. I stayed at the Malaysia Hotel on Soi Duplei, once the 60s haunt of the infamous backpacker murderer Charles Sobhraj. The trees were bordered by sylvan compounds and I played basketball at the military school next to the Lumpini Muay-Thai stadium. Patpong was a twenty-minute walk through […]

GO GO Safety

My cousin Sherrie performed exotic dances around the world. Her skill with a firepole was legendary and a smile graced her face through every routine before a devoted audience smitten with a drool factor of 10. The slim brunette was their goddess, but even goddesses feel pain. No one saw her grimace upon getting backstage […]

Ashbury Park Bikinis

Jersey beaches have a tough reputation as the land of no. No radios, no dogs, no beer, no footballs, no, no, no. Back in 1980 two girls from Ashbury Park saw it different. They were free to say yes or no. I like their style. Foto from Joe Maloney Which I found on

Carole Bouquet @ Le Palace

Few women more beautiful than French actress, Carole Bouquet. Especially at the hub of the Paris night. Le Palace.


The South Shore Drive-In was located off 128 outside of Boston over the Blue Hills from my suburban development of split-level houses. No one went to the twin screens in the daytime, but on summer nights my father drove my mother and their six children to the open-air theater, where we watched THE TEN COMMANDMENTS […]