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WHITE BIRD by It’s a Beautiful Day

Maynard G. Krebs made me a beatnik, but songs like WHITE BIRD transformed me into a long haired hippie. David LaFlamme’s plaintive song with the greatest violin solo of the psychedelic era has me hankering for LSD, although listening to this classic by It’s A Beautiful Day is enough to flashback to those days of […]

YOU BET I COULD Uschi Obermaier

The other day Duncan Hannah posted this black and white photo of Uschi Obermaier. I was struck by her free beauty and the fact that I had never heard of the 1960s icon. In an article from the Independent Uschi railed against working-class Munich and said, “I used to wish for a plane crash, just […]

Marpessa Hennink _ Ageless In My Eyes

All beauty lives forever in the eyes of an admirer.

Skinny Legs And All

Joe Tex scored a #10 hit with SKINNY LEGS AN ALL “I don’t want no woman with no skinny legs Look here! I thought about givin’ this woman to ClydeBut, noSay, I know the kind-a women Clyde likeOl’ Leroy’ll take her.Say, LEROY!You got her!” Amazing to think that those lyrics could get on cracker stations […]

Stefania Fumo Photograph / Journalist / Cineste

Stefania Fumo went into exile several years ago. She was in love. Her husband and she crossed the equator to live in the capitol. They ended up in his native Argentina. His home city Buenos Aires meant Good Air in Spanish. The relationship lasted a couple of seasons of better and worse, then he broke […]