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Back in 2012 I was in Thailand. I no longer resided in Pattaya. Too many Russians, retirees, and I preferred Sriracha up the coast, where I lived with my son Fenway and his beautiful Mom. Sriracha was a totally Thai town and I was comfortable drinking beer with Mam and playing with my son, but […]

Marpessa Hennink _ Ageless In My Eyes

All beauty lives forever in the eyes of an admirer.

A Silver Dress

High boots, silver dress. A man. A bad haircut. The smoke for pleasure.


Several years ago Dannatt and I attended a party for Interview Magazine in hopes of speaking with their managing editor. Glenn was an old timer like myself. I had once threw him out of a nightclub. This evening’s soiree was held at an unfinished hotel. Very unfinished. The crowd before the entrance of the construction […]

Melania Trump So Pretty

These days Donald Trump looks like a happy man. His election victory was a triumph of the Electoral College over the popular vote. His 45.9% total versus Hillary’s 48.0% of 57% percent of the possible voting public. Over 24% of the 43% of the unvoting public are excluded from the ballot polls by suppressive measures […]