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Party Girl Gone

She ain’t here no more. Only her ghost.

WHITE BIRD by It’s a Beautiful Day

Maynard G. Krebs made me a beatnik, but songs like WHITE BIRD transformed me into a long haired hippie. David LaFlamme’s plaintive song with the greatest violin solo of the psychedelic era has me hankering for LSD, although listening to this classic by It’s A Beautiful Day is enough to flashback to those days of […]

YOU BET I COULD Uschi Obermaier

The other day Duncan Hannah posted this black and white photo of Uschi Obermaier. I was struck by her free beauty and the fact that I had never heard of the 1960s icon. In an article from the Independent Uschi railed against working-class Munich and said, “I used to wish for a plane crash, just […]

Marpessa Hennink _ Ageless In My Eyes

All beauty lives forever in the eyes of an admirer.

Skinny Legs And All

Joe Tex scored a #10 hit with SKINNY LEGS AN ALL “I don’t want no woman with no skinny legs Look here! I thought about givin’ this woman to ClydeBut, noSay, I know the kind-a women Clyde likeOl’ Leroy’ll take her.Say, LEROY!You got her!” Amazing to think that those lyrics could get on cracker stations […]