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Beautiful Gerry Vasco @ AMP Gallery Provincetown

AMP Gallery is very pleased and excited to invite you to an Opening Reception June 10, 6-9 PM of photographs and videos by Bobby Busnach, David Macke, Alice O’Malley, Ethan Shoshan, Gail Thacker, Conrad Ventur, Jamie Casertano, Bobby Miller, David Chick, and Shaari Neretin! The Opening will also feature a special performance by Billy Hough […]

THE TRUE REWARD OF A LIE by Peter Nolan Smith

The flight from Bangkok via Taipei and Anchorage to JFK lasted almost 36 hours. I wished the trip had taken even longer, however we landed on time ending the longest Sunday of my life. The immigration officer asked how long I had been out of the country. “Seven years.” All of it in Thailand. “Welcome […]

Big Hair Naked

You bet I would. If only in my dreams.

Dinah Willis – Playboy Miss December 1964

I left Barbie for her.

Arkward Moment # 1

I got my braces stuck on your belly button ring.