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Viva wore band-aids over her nipples. Andy Warhol was never sexy. She was a goddess. She lives in Palm Springs and paints landscapes of what she sees.

You Bet I Would – Skimpy

I love skimpy clothing except on me. Quelle vroom.

Charlotte Rampling – Helmut Newton

Tres Sexy. Funny how we never met on the Continent. Charlotte Rampling must have traveled in different circles. Malheureusement.

The Shine of Donyale Luna

America was white in 1964 from coast to coast, however New York fashion editors were reacting to the blowing in the wind. Malcolm X preached resistance up in Harlem and Martin Luther King was leading marches in Selma, Alabama. Nancy White, the Harper’s Bazaar editor, spotted the face of a black teenage beauty from Detroit. […]

Dinah Willis – Playboy Miss December 1964

I left Barbie for her.