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Beauty or the Beast of Haiti

Michèle Bennett was not a virgin at the altar with Baby Doc.. Still white was her wedding color. No one was allowed to say a word. But the Ton-Ton Macoute knew the truth. And no one dared doubt them. Michele took Jean-Claude for everything. Baron Samedi always gets paid by his whores.

Ila Jaheem Ma’ik

Ila jaheem ma’ik means ‘go to hell’ in Arabic, which is what Arabic men might feel about the recent surge in satanizing Islam. Firstly most Arabs are not terrorists. Secondly some Arab men drink beer. Lastly the majority of American men would rather stand and fight a thousand al-Qaada warriors than spend the night with […]

Red Tramps

Tramps are cool too. Workers of the Universe unite. Resistance is not futile. Foto came from Eric Bedos of Paris

Just Whistle

Sadly Lauren Bacall passed away last week She was a siren of serene beauty and a true New Yorker. The actress hit stride in the movie TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT with the famous line to Humphrey Bogart. “Just whistle.” Any man in his right mind would have obey her command. To view that scene, […]

Ava Gardner Forever

No words. Set the Time Machine for 1950. Cast me as Burt Lancaster.