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Where Is The USA? American is separated from the rest of the world by two oceans and most of my countrymen are completely ignorant of the world beyond our borders. A GPS system can’t help these people find New York or the USA on a map and this inability to identify different nations around the globe was highlighted […]

Miss America 2015

Last evening twenty-three year old Manhattanite Kira Kazantsev was crowned Miss America 2015 in Atlantic City. The blonde Hostra graduate performed Pharrell Williams’ pop hit HAPPY keeping beat on a plastic red cup, while seated cross-legged on the stage. See video by going to this URL And this is what passes for talent in America […]

London Girls In Summer

London girls in the summer. Despite what the GOP say, global warming is real. Foto from Lotte

Sammy Was Black

Only one black man earned a spot with Sinatra’s Rat Pack in Las Vegas. Sammy Davis Junior. Mister Show Business might have been the token black for the Silent Majority, but Mr. Show Business was well aware of his place in the white world after a stint in the Army. “Overnight the world looked different. […]

2 X The Man 3 X The Woman

Yesterday I was at the Tuesday Wat Chai market looking for bootleg Bugs Bunny DVDs for my son. There were none and I left the open-air square, heading for my tailor. Pinky was making a new jacket for me. Cut to size. Walking down Pattaya Tai a woman called my name. The pseudonym. It was […]