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Ghost MacDonalds West 3rd Street

On January 5, 2021 the franchise owner of the infamous McDonalds across from the West 4th Street sold the building to an entrepeneur seeking to open a nightclub. Covid was in full force and the investors did nothing. Three years later the site remains a ghost, but it will never again be the 3am hotspot […]

Oculus At The World Trade Building

When the World Trade Towers collapsed on 9/11, the weight of the Twin Towers crushed the subway hub in the massive buildings sub-basement. The federal government and the governments of New Jersey and New York agreed to create of new station. Its construction was long-delayed and the cost blossomed from $1.9 billion to $3.9 billion […]

Stonehenge in Bangkok

New Englanders are relatively starved of archaeological ruins other than frost-heaved stone walls from vanished farms snaking through the woods or the smooth walls of the Quincy Quarries. Not one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was on our side of the Atlantic nor from Africa or the Far East graced list either […]

RIP Zaha Hadid

I miss aspects of being in the Arab world – the language – and there is a tranquility in these cities with great rivers. Whether it’s Cairo or Baghdad, you sit there and you think, ‘This river has flown here for thousands of years.’ There are magical moments in these places. Zaha Hadid Sadly thisgreat […]

Great Wall Of China From Space

I’ve flown over the Great Wall of China on numerous occasions without ever seeing it from the air. I’ve never stopped in Beijing to travel north to view the lengthy fortifications at Jinshanling. Friends of mine say they have walked the steep walls. Photos exist of the Great Wall, so I guess it really is […]