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Our America – Vote Bernie Sanders

Watch this video from the Bernie Sanders.

Mutation Not Genetics

America has been plagued by obesity. When I was young few fat people existed in this country. When Big Food switched from sugar to fluctose, the country expanded from size L to XXXXXL. People think the fat scourge is natural and say, “It run in my family.” Big Pharma agrees with their opinion and has […]

True Evil

I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but if there is a hell I hope Roy Cohn is getting a good burning and if not when the revolution comes, first order should be to be exhumed after the triumph of the revolution and his pulverized bones scattered to the winds. This snitch bastard ruined lives […]

Evil Personified

The FBI waged psychological warfare against Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta. Letter such as the one, which suggested he takes his life, were constantly sent to the family at the behest of the FBI director. J. Edgar Hoover was an evil man and his legacy haunts the FBI to this day. Not so […]

52 Years Later

Today no one in New York had mentioned JFK’s bad day in Dallas. Neither the BBC, New York Times, nor Al-Jazeera wrote a single line about the November 22, 1963 tragedy, proving the old adage that as you get old you forget and as you get older you are forgotten. 51 years might be a […]