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RETURN TO NORMAL by Peter Nolan Smith

Two weeks after the collapse of the Trade Towers the wind shifted from the west and a southern breeze directed the funereal plume of smoke into Lower Manhattan. The poisonous fumes smelled of BBQ. I caught a train north to Boston. My sister put me up in her basement. On the weekend she suggested that […]

The Catoosa Blue Whale

Whales are everywhere. Even on Route 66. Why didn’t Chuck Berry sing about the Catoosa Blue Whale?

Sorry About the Slavery Thing

Labor Day has come and gone. Schools are open and vacations are over. The NFL football season begins on the weekend and a vast number of American males will turn their attention to the business of overgrown men trying to kill each other without any protest against the violence from the TV viewers. I expect […]

No Se Olvide L’Alamo

On March 6, 1836 thousands of Mexican troops under General Santa Ana stormed the Texas stronghold of the Alamo. None of the defenders were shown mercy and to this day Texans rally to the cry ‘Remember the Alamo’. On Monday Governor Rick Perry announced the mobilization of the National Guard to conduct air and ground […]

Les Frogs

Most Americans have an unfavorable attitude toward the French. This antipathy is based on the abuse many US tourists have suffered from dismissive Paris waiters during their weeklong summer vacation. Few of my countrymen realize that these garcons are rude to their own countrymen as well as any estrangers. That is not to say that […]