White Christmas White Race

HOLIDAY INN was released in 1935 featuring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. The composer Irving Berlin wrote twelve songs for the movie about a nightclub in the country. WHITE CHRISTMAS was the hit song.THe record has sold millions, but Irving Berlin was troubled by the lyrics, because of his Jewish faith.

I have always thought the song to be particularly racist, but even more so once I learned that the director had blackface scenes in the movie.

Bing had no trouble with that mask. People back in that time thought nothing about pretending to be black as long as they could wash off the cork at the end of the show. Was he a racist?

Every white person in America ia a racist.

Is WHITE CHRISTMAS a racist song?

It sound like it to me.

Especially since it’s the only Christmas song Donald Trump allows to be played in the White House.

ps I am an atheist.

We have no Christmas songs.

Next Year Andromeda

Andromeda is the spiral galaxy 225 million light years away from our star system.

Four billion years from now the two galaxies are predicted to crash together.

None of that will be there to witness that event.

When I was a kid in the 1950s, Marvel Comics came out with a story NEXT YEAR ANDROMEDA.

225 million light-years in one year means a vessel would have to cover over 60,000 light-years a day.

Is that possible?

Not with our technology.

This week Voyager 2 left the solar system.

The NASA space probe was launched in 1977

It has passed Jupiter.




And now into Deep Space.

Joining the other five vessel to achieve departure from the heliosphere.

Most people have no idea of this accomplishment.

Next year Andromeda.

Especially with Julie Chrystie.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Sic transit gloria mundi translates from the dead language of Latin phrase into “Thus passes the glory of the world” in English, even though no one in America speaks that language. There is very little glory left in this world, which is why we look to the stars.

Next year Andromeda.

Dad’s Moustache 1972

In the early 1970s my father complained about my sister’s boyfriend’s facial hair and she told my father that he would look younger with a mustache. He grew one and then sideburns too. Youth always wins over an older man.

Mom, my youngest brother Michael and my father Frank A Smith II.

Love them all forever.

Thappraya Road Obstacle Course

“Cars destroy. Roads kill.”


Back in 1988 I got drunk with Dmitri and the rest of the East 6th Street bikers. The tyranny of DWI and DUI was in its infancy and I returned home on Park Avenue on my 1966 Triumph Trophy, which was a writing job bonus from Monty Montgomery, a Coca-Cola heir. It was in concourse condition, because rich people know how to take care of things.

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