“Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” (1972) by David Hockney

Why would anyone sell such a piece of iconic beauty capturing a time never to be seen again?

The owner must have seen it too much.

At one point all beauty fades to gray.

ps $90 million buys a day of beer drinking in Thailand.

For everyone.

The Threat of the Immortal Kilogram

A year ago a bus depot worker discovered a kilogram of cocaine outside of Hartford CN. The police have asked the public to tell what they know of this dropped item. No one has said anything, but everyone who has ever seen SCARFACE can tell the Filth that a kilogram consists of 35.274 ounces and the weight of a kilo has been based on the Le Grand K, which was forged in 1879 in Paris.

The cylinder of platinum and iridium has been kept under lock and key because its mass, a little over 2 pounds, is the official definition of the kilogram.

This Friday,the international General Conference on Weights and Measures will meet in Versailles, to vote to redefine the kilogram is expected to be unanimous according the NPR a mere formality after years of work. Going forward, the world’s system of mass measurement will not be based on some special hunk of metal, but rather on unalterable features of the universe — such as the speed of light, time and Planck’s constant, a number that helps scientists figure out the energy of a photon of light, given its wavelength.

The approximate numerical value of Planck’s constant is 6.626 x 10-34 joule-second.

Mathematics are the poetry of mystery.

I prefer Tony Montana

Drawings 1978 by Peter Nolan Smith ( a non-artist )

A theater.

A bank.

Battery Park Marine Fire Station.


A warship.


Whaling ship.

Junkie space.

A good thing I never tried to be an artist.
Drawings 1978 by Peter Nolan Smith ( a non-artist )



The Fleet in the Dardanelles.

April 25, 1915.

The British Empire versus The Ottoman Empire.

Bloody disaster for Ireland.

Only one Dubliner officer survived the landing and of the 1,012 Dubliners who landed, just 11 survived the Gallipoli campaign unscathed.

And the rest of the Anzacs fared no better.

Fucking tea bag General Staff.


No more wars.

Only fistfights.

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