Doomed But Not Done

Mankind might well be on the precipice.

We are seemingly doomed by man-made climate change , but that doesn’t mean we have to give up.

Cut your energy costs by shutting off the lights, the voodoo transformers, and curtail your driving to a minimum.

The money you save is money stolen from the energy companies.

The best way to be Robin Hood is not let King John steal from you.

ps I’ll be riding my bike in New York to the March.

Hotter Than Before Almost

The Friends of Science actively refute the majority of scientists churning out warnings about the threat of Global Warming. The Hoaxist website disputes the claims of the radical rise in temperatures, the danger of man’s carbon footprint on the planet, global warming’s adverse effect on weather patterns as well as the shrinkage of glaciers and polar ice packs by stating that Earth’s atmosphere is in a constant state of flux with Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe leading the charge as a member of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Environment.

Last summer when a relentless heat wave scorched the South and central states with a merciless stretch on triple-digit temperatures, Senator Inhofe argued on the floor of the Senate that global warming was a hoax. Several of his opponents booed his assessment as denialism.

According to the New Times a third of the nation’s population experienced 10 or more days of summer temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Among the cities that set temperature records in 2012 were Nashville; Athens, Ga.; and Cairo, Ill., all of which hit 109 degrees on June 29; Greenville, S.C., which hit 107 degrees on July 1; and Lamar, Colo., which hit 112 degrees on June 27.

The City’s Observer Newspaper argued that New York surpassed the previous record of 106F from 1934 with thermometers topping 107 on July 7, 2012.

I was in Thailand on that day, so I cannot verify that information, but I am a believer in Global Warming, however have differed from the majority consensus on the causes of climate change.

My good friend Jamie Parker avowed that the planetary increase in temperature was a result from our Solar System passing through a warmer region of space.

I theorized that sweating fat people added to the problem.

Both of conjectures were trumped by my counterpart in religion, the ex-model from Paris, has sent a damning email claiming the prime reason for global warming is that many people have lost their faith in God and after dying they are sent to Hell.

“More sinners to burn, the warmer the planet, plus people are fatter than before so they burn in Hell hotter.”

Jamie and I agreed that this made sense, if you believed in an after-life.

So repent sinners and save the world.

There will be no smoothies in Hell.

Coastal Pit Stop / Laem Mae Phim

Last Thursday my two-year son, Fenway, his mom, and older cousin hit the road early Thursday morning for a road trip from Sriracha to a small village near Ta Phyara on the Thai-Cambodian border. I had rented a Toyota Altis 1.6 with good AC. Mam wanted me to straight-line to see her two older kids, Noy and Fluke. 4 hours top. It was been over two years since I had last seen them.

I had a different route in mind.

The coastal route to Laem Mae Phim then north to Sakheo.

7 hours with a stop at the beach for a swim and a meal of fresh crab. Mam waived her choice and we stopped at a small restaurant on Cape Mae Phim. No one was on the beach. The full-moon tide was lapping at the sea grass.

Worrying high sea level.

Another sign of global warming, but I said nothing. The future was still another ten years away. Mam and her cousin ordered poo curry and fried oysters and I went swimming in the calm clear water. Fenway couldn’t join me. My two-year-old boy had a fever. The food was excellent and I was thankful to be with my son and Mam on such a lovely day.

I toasted my deceased father with two bottles of Leo beer and paid the bill.

800 baht.

Mam said it was time to go.

She had been good enough to allow my communion with the sea.

It was time to get back on the road.

We had a long way to go and I stepped on the gas

Faster Than Fast

In 1908 the fastest car in the world was not powered by the internal combustion engine or an electric battery, but the Stanley Steamer Woggle Bug. This steam-driven speedster was piloted by Fred Marriott who traveled a measure mile on Daytona Beach at 127.66 miles per hour. A year later Louis S. Ross the company owner attempted to reach 180 MPH, but beach conditions caused a horrible accident. Fred Marriott was in a terrible state with his eye popped from the socket. According to a Dr. Parks of South Boston put back the eye and later perfect sight was restored.

Every spectator that day said they had never seen anything ever travel that fast.

180 in 1909.

Back then fast was fast.

Electric Not The Answer

Over one billion motor vehicles are in service around the globe. No one on the planet can recall a time without cars or trucks, although as a child I recall the ragman riding the streets of Jamaica Plain, calling out, “Bring out your rags.”

I have taken rickshaws in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

But most of my overland travel has been done by cars and the other day I was at an opening for LC Armstrong. Her husband runs an energy acquisition company. Many of the invitees were business associates. An artist was arguing against fracking.

“It’s a dirty business.”

“We don’t do much of it.”

They were into slant-drilling in Long Beach.

“That’s what all oil companies say.”

Profits for the energy industry was up everywhere.

“For us it’s the truth.”

“It doesn’t matter,” I interjected with a glass of wine in my hand.

“Why doesn’t it matter?” the artist had just returned from a successful campaign in Europe.

“Because we’re already doomed. The world cannot sustain cars or this economy based on cars.”

“And what will take its place?” The oil exec was wearing a hand-tailored suit. “Electric cars?”

“No cars.”

“No cars?” exclaimed the painter.

“No cars at all. No electric cars. No gas powered cars. No cars.” The auto industry loved building ugly electric cars.

My prediction unified the painter and oil exec.

“Cars will be here forever.”

“They weren’t here 200 years ago and that is part of forever. Fifty years from now there will be no cars. Maybe even sooner.” I wasn’t about to tell them that the world population with be reduced by climate change from the present six billion to 500 million. People aren’t ready for that news.

“Never happen.”

“Never has a funny way of not being never.” I shrugged and went over to my host.

“Thanks for the lovely evening.”

Philip loved my writing and I asked him for a job.

I wasn’t a hypocrite about cars. I loved GTOs and needed money for my kids. They will see the time of no cars and I think I will too.

If I’m lucky.