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Sub Arctic Cold – Clinton Hill 2004

-10 Centigrade On Myrtle Avenue Me Warm within winter wear Old Sol 93 million miles away Solar waves on my face It’s real wintah Snow on the ground. Ice on the sidewalk A deep chill in the air. Cold No The sun warm on my face. Happy. Yes. I might not be ready For the […]

The Near Wintah Sun

The almost winter sun Falls on the 9th floor balcony Overlooking Bleecker Street. The air is cold Not winter cold End of autumn cold. 93 million miles away Warm on my skin And Unlike Prairie dogs Asleep in their burrows I shall see through winter Awake Alive.

UPPER THERE by Peter Nolan Smith

In August of 1987 friends in Michigan extended invitations to visit them in Onekema and the Upper Peninsula. Paulie, Gregg, and I celebrated our departure at the Milk Bar in Lower Manhattan. “Why are you going to Michigan for vacation?” Scottie the owner was a New Yorker. The rest of the country was a blank […]

AN ITALIAN PLAN by Peter Nolan Smith

CHAPTER 1 The winter of 1987 was cold enough to freeze the Housatonic River and the town of Kent erected an elaborate float on the thick ice. Each year the townspeople organized a pool to guess the date when the ice could no longer bear the float’s weight. Two days after a January blizzard I […]

Black Ice

Last month smug northerners ridiculed the snowbound paralysis of Dallas. ‘Maybe we should airlift Maine drivers down to the South to teach them how to drive in winter conditions,” joked a friend at the 169 Bar in Chinatown.. “My grandfather once said, “There are two seasons in Maine, the season of good sledding and the […]