Star Ferry – Hong Kong 2017

A poem I wrote last evening on the subway home. Funny the things we remember

From Hong Kong to Bangkok to see my family. Had a great trip.

Dawn on Hong Kong
Crossing the Perfumed Harbor
From Kowloon
By the Star Ferry.
The skyscrapers
Blotting out the near horizon.
I looked to the North.
Hills rose in the far distance.
Tall hills.
Golden in the light of dawn.
The air hot humid.
I erased the condos.
All the cars.
The modernity.
I see a mirage.
Hong Kong.

Two hundred years ago
The island
Fishing villages
To the north.
The glory of China
The Celestial Kinggom.
I see
Only one second
Of that eternity.

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The Perfumed Harbor
The Star Ferry
Hong Kong.

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