Guilty As Charged

Two days ago a New York City jury of six men and three women found Donald Trump guilty of sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll as well as publicly defaming her character. He was absolved of rape and assault by the jury. The GOP 2024 presidential candidate was not assigned any jail time, as this was a civil suit. Damages awarded to the writer were set at over $5 million. Donald Trump immediately announced that his legal team would appeal the judgment.

While the jury found that Trump sexually abused Carroll, sufficient to hold him liable for battery, the jury did not find that she proved he raped her. He does not face any jail time as a result of the civil verdict. Trump said he will appeal the verdict.

“Somehow we?re going to have to fight this stuff,” Trump said. “We cannot let our country go into this abyss. This is disgraceful.?

Trump understands the power of money in the legal system.

No one really trust a woman’s word in rape.

The police infamously always ask the victim, “What were you wearing?” to suggest that her or his clothing provoke the attack.

Rape victims are reluctant to report the assault for just this reason.

People will think it was there fault.

When the plaintiff was on the stand, Trump’s lawyer continually asked E. Jean Carroll why she hadn’t screamed. She had answered that she was scared. Trump is much bigger than her. He held her from behind in the dressing room. He was stronger. She was weak.

“I was scared.”

The jury believed her.

Not his followers who once more announced their support for Trump as the Orange Messiah. Not surprising, as he had once said, “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.”

Appeal is his right.

He has more hurtles to come with trials set for Georgia and Washington on electoral obstruction and sentencing for his role in the January 6, 2022 insurrection in Washington. Somehow someday I hope this traitor goes to prison, although this is America and every guilt is innocent, if they have the money to pay for innocence.

I can only hope that one day Trump will behind bars.

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