AN ISLAND BEAUTY by Peter Nolan Smith on KINDLE

A movie actor friend once explained the pecking order on an actress’ wish list.

“In the first hour of a party she works the producers, the next thirty minutes are dedicated to the directors, and finally she’ll flirt with leading men, but under no circumstances will be ever go home with a writer. They are bad luck to beauty.”

My friend was right and never more so than during a fashion photo trip to Jamaica in January of 1984.

I was the assistant to a famous photographer.

The blonde actress was breaking into the bright lights.

The money shot was the swimming suit cover of LIFE.

The actress played me like a fool, but in the end I got a good tan, which is never a bad thing for a failed writer in the dead of winter and AN ISLAND BEAUTY is a photo-roman telling my sad tale with words to accompany the images.

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Fotos by Peter Nolan Smith and Dustin Pittman.

ps The blonde actress was in BLADERUNNER.

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