Never Call The Police

This weekend in Fort Worth, Texas police responded to a 911 call about a potential break-in from a neighbor, who had seen a woman’s door ajar. The PD arrived on the scene. A rookie officer spotted a woman inside the house and capped 28 year-old Atatiana Jefferson with a 9mm. The victim was in her own house, playing a video game. BodyCam footage was spliced by technician to doctor the interpretation of the murder by showing a gun in the bedroom. The media hasn’t helped the situation by reporting that the police had been called for a ‘welfare check’, casting the dead woman in a negative light, even though she was working full-time and considering going to medical school.

‘Welfare check’.

Even The Guardian printed those two words.

Guilt is only a perception when accompanied by an erroneous accusation.

In Thailand no one calls the police or tam-luat.

The brown uniformed officers are only after a bribe or ‘sin bon’.

Cops in the USA regularly responded to 911 calls from families seeking assistance in helping a troubled relative, because the communities have cut taxes for the rich. The police treat them to a bullet. 911 means DOA in America for people of color and poverty.

Treating the rich the same way the police treat the poor.

It’s the only true justice.

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