Dry Season


My wife Mam tells me that the water is running from the tap and the Sri Racha water authorities are promising no water shortages in the present heat wave, but in Pattaya old water mains are failing to keep up with demand and funky old water trucks are sucking the Jomtien lagoons dry.

City officials are telling the populace not to worry.

There’ll be plenty of water for Songkran, even if they have to ration water for a month.

The water shortage are no surprise, since the population of Pattaya has quadrupled in the last twenty five years, while the reservoir capacity remains a constant. More people dipping into the same well means less water. With that in mind Pattaya residents should embark on a program of individual conservation.

Have a shower with a friend or a complete stranger. Any visitor to Soi 6 is an expert about strange hands soaping down their back.

Ask for less ice cubes in your drinks, hoping that the bar will reward your sacrifice with a little more alcohol.

Save water with your toilet use, as Rudy Guiliani suggested during a NYC water crisis. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown flush, it down.”

Lastly let your dog lick the plates clean, instead of using the dishwasher. Dog’s mouths are much cleaner than humans.

Every little bit helps.

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