Burma Ruby Ban by USA

Thaksin is meandering about Beijing this afternoon, contemplating the old Clash quandary “do I stay or do I go’ as the Thai courts announced Sept 16 as his date to face charges involving corrupt Burma business associates.

Are there any other kind?

Drugs, oil, timber, gems and repression fund SLORC and the USA has stepped into the fray for freedom by banning US gem dealers from importing Burmese rubies and jade, unquestionably the finest merchandise available in the world. GW Bush is expected to sign this legislation this week, although neither the US or HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH have attempted to curtail France’s TOTAL from exploiting the natural gas reserves of the impoverished nation, since over 17% of Thailand’s gas reserves come from their neighbor.

As for the ban on gems, China will buy up the surplus and ruby dealers in the US will be knocked out the business forever and nothing spikes profit like a ban. Just look at cocaine and heroin. Whatever people wants, people will get and nothing embargo will stop Burma’s military government from mistreating its populace.

Not with big China to the north and no one caring about the opinion of the USA.

The change in the US law would stipulate that retailers keep records documenting the origin of rubies and jade to prove they are not from Myanmar.

The law has 60 days to take hold after being signed into law, so it’s time for all the ruby dealers to stockpile the gems for the long-run.

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