Chinese Chick Art 2008

The Chinese Cultural Revolution scoured anything other than communist art from the vision of the masses. Artists were exiled to the hinterlands and countless treasures destroyed by degree from the Gang of 4. The West turned its back on China without a backward glance, however the sleeping dragon has once more awakened in the Celestial Gulag with male painters commanding million dollar prices. Now a vanguard of female avant-gardettes are attacking this bastion of macho-finger painters according to the NY Times.

Then again who believes anything that mouthpiece of Israel, the NRA, and GOP find fit to print.

Still my attention was captured by a single photograph of Li Shurui. The 20ish blonde possesses a classic Suzie Wong beauty, which must take away Westerners’ bad breath as she walked by them. She’s married so she’s a heartbreaker as well as a cocktease, although this judgment is strictly on the basis of a photograph and probably is less than 75% true, because women in order to be noticed have to sell their body as well as their mind to be noticed by men.

I wish all the women in China good luck, because even surviving brith is a trial in the nation of little Emperors.

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