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Gone the Tundra – 2011

My early youth was spent along the coast of Maine. Winters were harsh. My father was native to Westbrook and every autumn would say, “There are two seasons in Maine. Winter and preparing for winter.” He had learned this adage from his father and his father from his father, for no matter how corny the […]

Mad Dogs And Farangs

Several hot seasons ago I met Jamie Parker at a bar on Soi Concrete. I wasn’t going to my old local. The owner had stiffed Nick Von Reiter for $5000. I had fought him on Soi 6, actually the brawl was two punches with the keys in my fist. At my age there is no […]

Run Boy Run

A bunch of years ago Mark King posted this photo on FB and wrote the following; “Would you run? A ditch would be handy and probably safer than trying to outrun a tornado. I was ‘chased’ by one as a kid in Cyprus and my first instinct was attraction. Then, as tin roofs and telegraph […]

Weather in Wyoming

Today’s weather in Yellowstone Park remains faithful to winter. 30F and snow covering most of the volcanic plateau in the northeast corner of Wyoming. I have driven through that region in the late-April. The seasons change slow at that altitude and New York City is following the western state’s slow lead into Spring. Flowers are […]

Warmer Than Yesterday

Weather at the base of the Fort Greene Monument seemed warmer than yesterday even though the temperature was the same as on Friday. I biked up to the plaza honoring the dead prisoners of the Revolutionary War and basked in the wan rays of the January sun. A park ranger warned me not to bike […]