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Christmas on Walking Street 2007

Written 2006 Twelve years ago my 4 year-old daughter had a long Christmas Eve. Gifts in the morning. Khao Khio Zoo at noon and then a swim at the Shaba Hut pool. By 7pm her eyes drifted together and weary muscles refused to support her weight. I carried Angie into the bedroom and laid her […]

5 Nos in the City of Yes

Several years back Nick and I were watching the Hotspurs-Arsenal game at the Buffalo Bar. The girls avoided us, as we harangued the TV. Bad language and drinking Chang Beer. It was the equivalent of Stella Artois. Wifebeater beer. Even the bargirls at the Buffalo knew enough to keep their distance. Nick was reared within […]

Time to go Home

Chris Rock does a piece about why men get married. “You don’t want to end up the old guy at the club.” The old guy at the club. Pattaya was filled with them. Drinking, drugs, chatting with girls, going to sin here and there. I’m a witness. I like the night life. Always have. My […]

GIRLS LIKE GIRLS by Peter Nolan Smith

WRITTEN Sep 19, 2016 at 12:00 The political situation in Bangkok had gotten out of control in 2010. The red shirts controlled the city. The police did nothing. People called them daeng moh or watermelon. They were red on the inside. Thaksin was a fellow cop. The Army was in the hands of the old […]

PURE AS THE RAIN by Peter Nolan Smith

Fuck the seventy-seven virgins, give me Pattaya – Pascha Ray One night in August the monsoon was having its way with the Eastern Seaboard. Sleets of rain slashed through the few remaining palms on the back street between Soi Bukhao and 3rd Road. The Happy Lodge inn served as a refuge from the crowds of […]