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Loneliness On The Day Of Love

The snow fell in silence. The clots of flakes feathered sidewalks floes. Snow shovels scrapped on the concrete. I threw out no salt. Drifts collected by the bottom of brownstones. No one came to shovel it away. That was an old man’s job. Mine. Snow loves the cold. I have good gear against winter. I […]

The Roam of Ghosts

My youngest son talks about phee or ghosts. Fenway is not scared of these spirits, but he doesn’t want to go to certain houses on our soi in Sri Racha, since the four-year-old sees birds with voices. His mother thinks that he has the 6th sense. Mam says that she is not frightened by ghosts. […]

THE END OF BABYLON by Peter Nolan Smith

Pattaya had long been recognized as the world’s leading destination for sex addicts and lowlifes attracted to the sordid city on the Gulf of Siam by the countless bars, the easy women, lax enforcement of law, crooked police, rampant drug use, stunning ladyboys, and young boys. My ten years in the Last Babylon furthered my […]

MIA in Thailand

Last week I purchased a ticket for a flight to Bangkok. Flights were ridiculously expensive, since the airlines fatten their profits on the summer traffic. My itinerary had two stops. Tokyo was two hours, but Delta had scheduled a fifteen hours lay-over at SFO. I was cool with that length of time. My cousin Ty […]

Hot as Blazes

The flight from JFK to Haneda in Japan lasted 14 hours. The lay-over was two hours and the final hop to Bangkok took 6 hours followed by a 9-minute taxi ride to Sriracha. My butt was deadened from sitting and my coccyx felt like it had taken a paddling from a nun. I arrived on […]