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A Tes Genous – Paris 1985

Dawn crept over The rooftops Of Ile St. Louis Ropes tightened around the wrists Of Cousin Sharon. Her legs stretched wide by leather anklets Attached to chains Nailed to the atelier floor. Complement nu. Bare feet. The windows open to winter. Nipples hard Gash wet A glove hand on her ass. Underwear stuffed in her […]

The Neponsit Homes Eternal

The Neposit Homes overlooked Riis Park Beach. Originally constructed as TB wards and later serving as mental wards and finally converted to a home for local seniors. I recalled sunning naked beneath those windows in 1978 with Sharon Mitchell after a long night into the dawn. The old ladies shouting kind words to us in […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Chapter 4 – by Peter Nolan Smith

FOUR FOUR The red light next to Las Vegas flashed on the departure board. America West’s flight was in the final stages of boarding and Frank deRocco rushed Sean through the JFK’s crowded terminal. The detective’s gold shield got them through the metal detector and Sean’s bag passed the X-ray test. They ran to the […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Chapter 5 by Peter Nolan Smith

FIVE The warm California sun flayed the storm clouds into fleecy shreds and soon the morning reminded every non-native why they had moved to Los Angeles in the first place. The two days of rain had painted the hillside scrubs a verdant green and the palm trees wavered with the waning wind. The temperature rose […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Chapter 3 by Peter Nolan Smith

THREE Twenty stories above the Las Vegas Strip Louie Sinreich examined his thirty-one year-old body in the floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Five hours a week at a Hollywood gym had transformed his raw musculature to an Adonis statue. The effect was all natural, which was more than he could say for his overnight guest, a surgically-altered blonde […]