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Wintah 1973.

NORTH OF HERE BY PETER NOLAN SMITH The only problem with Maine is that you can’t eat the scenery – James Steele 1978 MANGOZEEN BOOKS 2024 VERMONT WINTAH 1973 A blizzard buried Montreal The temp arctic. Minus zero. Crashing with two New Zealanders Across the street From the Winston Churchill Pub Only forty feet through […]

December 13, 1978 – East Village – Journal

I was born in Boston. Raised on Falmouth Foresides And the South Shore. In 1976 I left for good. New York bound, Two years now Yet I miss New England The White Mountains The Maine Coast Old Orchard Beach, Portland’s Eastern Promenade The two old schooners rotting off Wicassett Decaying river towns; Lowell, Manchester, Saco, […]

December 12, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Poor Alice bears the financial brunt of our relationship. Beyond that she is my love and a good woman to my heart. We still haven’t had sex and she hasn’t had her period. Three weeks and she sleeps in the other room. I hear her crying and try to comfort her, but I haven’t the […]


No one wants to hear the Blues. Leadbelly or Buddy Guy Easy to figure out why It had to do with the weather. A long winter Not too cold and too littel snow Long and it wasn’t over yet. Spring a month away Everyone ready for the Easter Break The Bahamas, Florida, Mexico Anywhere but […]


No silent night No peace on Earth Like Lennon said Imagine Imagine Imagine Imagine no more them Imagine no more us Imagine only we are the world We are us. We are us. From the mountains And the valleys To the Oceans All around the world. No more prayers No more thoughts Only the silence […]