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Classic Poetic Dysleixa

Edgar Allen Poe, Hart Crane, Willam Yeats 1916 Frank o’Hara, Bukowski, Ginsberg, The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam Ezra Pound, Emily Dickenson, Sylvia Plath, Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva Every one of them considered mad to write poetry. My words of madness find me on the George Washington Bridge resisting the urge to fly Hart Crane’s supposed last […]

May 2, 1978

Am I a poet? People think so, but they consider poets wastrels without money. Throughout time poets have suffered scorn, hatred, ridicule, apathy, love, and poverty. Hart Crane wrote THE BRIDGE. Sailors threw him off a ship in the middle of the Caribbean. Poe died from drugs, Byron succumbed to disease in Greece, and Joyce […]


WINTER’S TOLL The rails run straight to Montauk. The pine forest is wizened by the salt off the ocean Deer dash across the tracks. Day and night. The train runs once an hour. 3600 seconds apart. Still some deer don’t make it. Crows pick clean the bodies and the bones gleam white in the afternoon […]

Hart Crane by Dakota Pollock

HART CRANE Harold Bloom is dead I don’t have to worry About his academic attacks On others with That sniveling, self assured Intellect His smug, all knowing, pretentious smirk Like the sailors Who threw Hart Crane From a ship After he made a pass At probably all of them And they threw him Into the […]

Le Beaute de la the Haute Savoie

Le Beaute de la Haute Savoie The northern wind hummed against the hotel room’s windows. The blonde actress stripped off her clothes and lay naked on double bed. The pillow embraced her face. Downstairs in the hotel bar the film crew celebrated the film’s wrap. Wine wine and more wine. The English loved their drink […]