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Bruins June 17, 2012 – The Cup

Twelve years ago June 17, 2012 That morning I was at work on 47th Street and my coworker at the diamond exchange said there was a big crowd before the NHL store. I realized that the Bruins might have come to show off the Stanley Cup. My boss Manny asked where I was going. “Personal […]

BET ON CRAZY 1 by Peter Nolan Smith

In the 1970s I knew very little about diamonds as a child other than Superman could squeeze coal with his steel-hard hands to create diamonds and my father had bought a diamond ring for my mother. It was a hundredth of the size of the diamonds Superman never gave to Lois Lane, but my mother […]

Old Men Love to Rock Pattaya

Five years ago I had been on Pattaya’s notorious Soi 6 in the Woo Woo Bar listening to Jefferson’s Airplane’s SOMEBODY TO LOVE. The trio of sub-20 Thai girls had invited me to visit an upstairs short-time room. “You sexy man. How old you. 40?” Even through beer goggles my mirror doesn’t lie more than […]

The Bowery 1962

In April 1962 my father attended a business meeting in Manhattan for Ma Bell. While my father was at his appointment, my older brother and I accompanied my mother to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty and rode a taxi north through the Bowery heading to the Enpire State Building. As we passed […]

NEW YORK SNOW DAY by Peter Nolan Smith

In the winter of 2010 I woke early to snow flakes fluttering against the window of my Brooklyn bedroom. Beyond the glass a winter storm was decorating the city white. I thought about going back to sleep, except the telephone rang. It was my boss’ son, Richie Boy. “I hope you’re calling to tell me […]