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December 13, 1978 – East Village – Journal

My first childhood on Falmouth Foresides And then the South Shore of Boston. In 1976 I left for good. New York bound, Two years now Yet I miss New England The White Mountains The Maine Coast Old Orchard Beach, Portland’s Eastern Promenade The view on Mount Washington far to the west The two old schooners […]

HORSENECK BEACH by Peter Nolan Smith

Written May 17 1994 The morning after my senior prom in 1970 I drove my date down to Horseneck Beach in my older brother’s VW Beetle. The graduating class of my all-boys parochial high school were having a beer bash in the dunes. We crossed the bridge over the Westport River at noon. After parking […]

Dunwich Horror – Wilbraham – Free Poetry – October 2022

THE DUNWICH HORROR was published in 1929 by Weird Tales. Three years earlier HP Lovecraft had stayed in Wilbraham east of Springfield, Mass. The lost farmhouses scattered on the low mountains exuded a foreboding gloom inspired this tale, especially the 18th Century Whateley Farmhouse on Beebe Road. THE DUNWICH HORROR recounts the fictional life of […]

Black Ice

Last month smug northerners ridiculed the snowbound paralysis of Dallas. ‘Maybe we should airlift Maine drivers down to the South to teach them how to drive in winter conditions,” joked a friend at the 169 Bar in Chinatown.. “My grandfather once said, “There are two seasons in Maine, the season of good sledding and the […]

THE EYE OF THE STORM by Peter Nolan Smith

In early September of 1960 Hurricane Donna struck New England as a category 2/3 storm. The radio station WBZ announced numerous school closing led by Beaver County Day School and closely followed by my primary school on the South Shore, Our Lady of the Foothills. My older brother and I were happy to stay home. […]