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Hunting Pine Trees 1958

Fir trees lined the sidewalk On Vanderbilt Avenue Clinton Hill Brooklyn. Spruce pines Chopped Up north from New England forests. My homeland. Trees For families and friends To celebrate Christmas Breathing the fragrance of evergreens, As The tree elves Elysaah, Ruth, and Bobby Hock trees and wreaths Working hard Whilst I laze On My yuletide […]

Wet Autumn Rain

A soft Autumn rain Then harder Raindrops bouncing off the sidewalk Of Myrtle Avenue Shutting my eyes I listen To the rain on the street The sizzle of car tires on the wet Engines acceleration on a Friday afternoon Listen harder To passersby. “Her bottom is bigger than my umbrella.” Laughter I open my eyes. […]

Myrtle Avenue Autumn Evening

The sunset autumn early Peach orange Topped by a soft lavender Then gray clouds Losing the light. Inside Duncan’s Fish Two grown men The counterman A faithful customer Argue as friends Like we do on Myrtle Avenue A shared laugh A see you soon. Young Chef ambushes me with a middle finger. A friendly salute […]

Forever Flashbacks

Jocko Weyland sent an announcement for the publication of Stephen Aiken’s Artists in Residence: Downtown New York in the 1970s. Great photos reminding anyone that the city was off the tracks as it is today with million dollar apartments overlooking chaos. Back then the city had the feel of Rome after. The Goths burned it […]

Doppelganger 2021

Throughout the last two years Sharif and I had worked together on various projects for Ole Yellah. The German restauranteur has her ways. She expect things to be done perfectly even if no one has done them before. Even she. Sharif and I do our best. Our best is not perfection. Ole Yellah likes to […]