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Trump Tantrum – Go Fuck Yourself

Throughout his presidency Donald Trump has communicate with friend and foe through twitter. He has set thousands of terribly short tweaks. I’ve not read one. Then again I’ve never read anything from a Tweating Twitter. Ok-Boomer yeah. Anyway Old Donald emailed a tortuous six-page letter to Congressional Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi accusing the opposition party […]

The Reign Of A Nationalist

Last spring my friend was driving me across Dutchess County to catch the train in Dover Plains. The road passed through rural community surrounded by billionaires’ estates. We passed through an abandoned village and the last house flew a Rebel flag in the front yard. I told my friend to stop. “Why?” “Because I’m going […]

Not Again Not Ever

The KKK was founded by Southern white supremacists after the defeat of the Confederacy in 1865. Armed bands of ex-soldiers roamed the night to terrorize freed slaves and elected former CSA General Nathan Forrest was elected Grand Dragon of the racist organization. Thousands of blacks were killed during this first reign of terror and the […]

We Were Such Good Friends

My mother always said that people will judge you by the company you keep. She is more right than ever. Enemies of the people. All three of these villains. Guests of Donald. At a KKK country club. They allow Jews, Wops, and drug dealers. Until they don’t.

Mitt Is White

My friend posted this photo and her friend replied, “I’m voting for Romney. Does that make me a racist? Is that what you are trying to say? How many people that voted/will vote for Obama did so simply because he is black? Is that racist? Such hypocrisy and phony outrage… why don’t you find something […]