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Playing With Fire

My young friends sometimes complain that these times are no fun. Gwen O’Neils’ comrades aren’t like that. To quote the band ART, “Our fun begins where other peoples’ fun ends. And they know how to play it safe too. Notice the plastic cup filled with something. Opps, I guess it was gasoline. Burn baby burn. […]

Da Poor Versus Da Rich

BURN ALL CONDOS We all poor and we ain’t gonna get rich believing in WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. Burn baby burn. Foto by Gwen O’Neill.

Never-Ending Winter

Never-Ending Winter Last night I went to sleep at on the top floor of the Fort Greene Observatory. I was wearing a cotton night gown and my cover was a double blanket. The cold seeped through the windows and a little past 3am I woke to a chill. The outside temperature was wavering in the […]

Tough Skateboard Girls

foto from gwen o’neill i love tough girls.