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Vladmar is heading to Florida. At 60 the Pittsburgh native has never been to the Sunshine State. My first visit was in Spring 1971. Four friends drove a Chevy Nova from Boston to Fort Lauderdale. I-95 was half-finished and US1 ran as a two-laner through small southern towns. We only stopped for gas and food, […]

A Winter Poem

Last year my friend Alison in Palm Beach found this poem. Her trees were dying from the cold. ” WINTER ” by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre Shit It’s Cold The End That was one of coldest weeks in American weather history. Even Florida had snow. Winters weren’t always that way and maybe next year will be […]

Neolithic Autumn

I first visited London in the fall of 1978. My girlfriend Lisa was a model for Elite. John Cassavates thought her beauty might sell better in Europe. The blonde from Buffalo was only 5-7. We lived next to the Chelsea Football Stadium and never left the apartment on match days. Chelsea supporters fought before, during, […]

Paul Fullerton Memorial

My good friend Paulie passed from this Earth. Quickly. I spoke to him only two weeks ago. He was in a good mood. Happy. I shall miss him. He worked as a sculptor. His friends loved him.

Cave Anatis

In 2008 I spent the summer on Palm Beach. It was very off-season. Rainy, hot, and no one on the beaches. The mansion off Ocean Avenue was a big change from my previous place of residence, Pattaya, Thailand. I also living alone instead of dividing my time between two women; girlfriend #1 and our daughter […]