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Florida Postcard 2/28/78

This is a postcard from Florida dated Feb 28,1978. Hilde was on a road trip with her extended family; four of her younger siblings, two step siblings, two dogs, her mother Kate and Joe All in a van. My friend Andy was living at the family’s Brookline compound with Hilde’s older sister, Therese. He can’t […]

THE LAST GO-GO BOY by Peter Nolan Smith

Americans tend to judge the nation’s fiscal well-being by the rise and fall of the Dow Jones Index, even though Wall Street’s accumulation of wealth has destroyed the spending power of the middle-class. Next month’s bonuses for the hedge fund managers will not save a single consumer buried under debt, after which the corporations will […]

Gator Hole Bar Okeechobee – 2008

The world has been changing with the man’s desire for mass suicide. Florida’s Okeechobee Swamp has been imprisoned by interstates and poisoned by the evil Sugar Barons, such as the Fanjuls. Its water level has dropped drastically in the preceding years of drought. “In 1970 something a flood lifted off the roof,” The beehived bartender […]

Florida Drifter – January 1975 – Journal Entry

1975 1975 Winter Night A Palm Beach golf course The 17th green Shadows of palm trees Against a starry balmy night. I spread out a sheet I fall asleep Before dawn Water drops wakes me Not rain Green sprinklers To the west night To the east the sun Flamingoes surrounded me Not plastic Pink flamingoes […]

Neolithic Equinox

I first visited London in the fall of 1978. My girlfriend Lisa was a model for Elite. The New York owner John Casablancas thought her beauty might sell better in Europe. The blonde from Buffalo was only 5-7. We lived next to the Chelsea Football Stadium and had never left the apartment on match days. […]