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THE CURSE OF A NE’ER-DO-WELL by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in 1974 I was going out with a sixteen year-old high school student from Brookline. Hilde’s father, th editor for the Boston Globe, was separated from her mother. Ann was insane, but many insane people lived normal existences and Ann was the mother of six kids. Her new husband, a VP at Bose Speakers, […]

The Wheaties Curse

Bruce Jenner captured the hearts of Americans with her gold medal decathlon in the Montreal Olympics. Everyone loved the all-American boy, yet Jenner’s struggles with gender issues was heightened by his eating of GMO-Wheaties in accordance with his status as Wheaties poster boy. Decades later Jenner announced that he has changed his sexual designation to […]

Oh No No Sex

Witches were fearsome creatures in my youth. These wanton women consorted with Satan and their roaming succubi seduced the souls of pure men. Throughout the 70s and 80s I ran into their decadent descendants finally meeting Elena, a Spanish flamenco dancer. We lived together in my East Village apartment for several months. My bed became […]

Red Sox Win the World Series

Yesterday I watched the final game of the 2007 World Series at Donovan’s Sports Bar on 3rd Road. The only other person in the newly opened restaurant was the Thai waitress filing her nails. She had no interest in baseball and even less in a farang nursing a cappuccino. I was on my own, because […]