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Trouville France – 1985

In the summer of 1985 Candida and I took the train to Deauville for a vacation from Paris went to Deauville with Candida. Deauville itself was out of our budget, so we stayed in the neighboring town, Trouville of ‘city of a hole’. Te weather was pleasant and we might have gone swimming during the […]

Johnny Romero PR Parisian

In 1985 Johnny Romero owned les Nuages, a St. Germain nightclub frequented by James Baldwin and James Jones. I was living with his daughter, Candida. She was 17 and I was was 32. He said nothing about our age difference, but after hearing that I lived on the Lower East Side, Johnny asked, “Are there […]

Wife of J

Candida was 17 when I met her at the bar of the Privilege. Thje year was 1984. Paris bars had no drinking restriction for age. She asked if I wanted to go home with her. The teenager was no virgin. That night and morning we fucked five times. It was easy to confuse lust for […]