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I never went above 125 Never had no reason Bad BERNARD beyonded Harlem To the Bronx. Torched buildings Latin gangs Jankee Stadium. The hardcore South Bronx. No one from the punk scene went that far north. No one from the Upper East Side. No one from the Village. Only Bad BERNARD. Bad BERNARD had his […]

12:09PM Prosecco High Noon

In 1970 Xaverian-Westwood High School was all-boy. I was a math major. My foreign language was German. Typing 101 was for football players. Our team was State Champs. 9-0 in the Catholic Conference. Typing 101 class was taught by a woman instead of a black robed brother. Every student was male. I took Creative Writing […]


SNATCH-MAG.COM asked French Music Mogul Bernard Zekri how he got into music. Comment êtes-vous arrivé à intégrer ce milieu ? J’avais un copain qui s’appelait Peter Smith, un écrivain irlandais avec une tête de nazi. Genre une tête carrée, les cheveux plaqués en arrière et les yeux bleus. Il avait un manteau en cuir noir […]