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UPPER THERE by Peter Nolan Smith

In August of 1987 friends in Michigan extended invitations to visit them in Onekema and the Upper Peninsula. Paulie, Gregg, and I celebrated our departure at the Milk Bar in Lower Manhattan. “Why are you going to Michigan for vacation?” Scottie the owner was a New Yorker. The rest of the country was a blank […]

BEAR MEAT by Peter Nolan Smith

In August of 1987 Pullie Fallen, Grieg Packer, and I left New York City for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The art professor, literary agent, and I took turns driving Pullie’s F-150 pickup truck through the sweltering heat of the Midwest. None of us broke the speed limit, since Pullie had two unlicensed guns under his seat. […]

A LOSS OF MEMORY by Peter Nolan Smith

The Catholic Church and other derivatives of the Judaeo-Christian faith extol monogamy as the true state of man and woman, then explain sex through the mysteries of the birds and bees. Actually my parents never lectured their children on that subject, although they said that the stork had delivered each of my new brothers or […]

Walk Away Rene Don’t Run

From a peaceful resting place near the water Rene Ricard was a youth born to run Run to Boston in 1964 to be wild It was a good time to be young Walk Away Rene Don’t Run Down to New York Down to be someone Down with Warhol Down with the scene Walk Away Rene […]

The Streets Of Paris

Thirteen years was a long time to stay away from Paris. The city had traded on the grime of the 20th Century for cleansed stones. The streets were avenues of luxury stores. I spent most of the morning searching for a beret. I had no success. Paris might be eternal, however it was not the […]