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THROWING LIKE A GIRL by Peter Nolan Smith

My introduction to baseball came in the early spring of 1958. I was sittingMy father dragged me away from our Zenith black-and-white. My favorite show, THE THREE STOOGES, was on the TV. Even a six-year old boy knew better than to resist a man his size. “Too nice a day to waste in front of […]

WIN AT ANY COST by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1968 the Baltimore Colts entered Super Bowl III as 18-point favorites over the New York Jets. The NFL champions were led by Earl Morrall in place of Johnny Unitas, while the AFL underdogs were quarterbacked by the flashy Joe Namath and the Alabama native boasted in Miami, “We’re gonna win the game. I guarantee […]

Non-Goth Super Bowl

Watching the 52th Super Bowl I realized that no goths are in the stadium in Minneapolis. Why would there be? Black looks better at cemeteries.

BET ON CRAZY / Betting Super Bowl XXIV

Richie Boy and I bet the Super Bowl according to the Manny Principle, which was that Manny never beat the spread for the NFL’s final game and in 1990 the championship game posed the 49ers against the Broncos in New Orleans. All week Googs, Domingo, Richie Boy, and I had been badgering Manny for his […]


Sitting in a room drinking wine and watching the Celtics play Miami. Alcoholic. Sitting in a bar drinking beer and watching the Celtics play Miami. Social drinker. Smoking weed by myself and drinking wine and watching the Celtics play Miami on ESPN Gamecast? Fucked up. Go to the bar and watch the 2nd half with […]