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Damned Les Habitants

My introduction to French was via the heavy accent of Pepé Le Pew. The cartoon skunk appeared on TV every Saturday morning in Maine during the 1950s. Neither my older brother nor I really liked the Looney Tunes character. Pepe never got the girl. Skunks smelled bad and supposedly the French also never bathed with [...]

Habs Versus Bruins Toujours

The other evening my younger brother Padraic and his wife went to the Bruins-Canadians match at TD Garden. Here’s his report. Kathy & I took in last night’s Bruins Danadiennes shootout loss 2-1. One Montreal fan must have been drinking the whole bus ride to Boston. His “Ole, ole, ole, ole” was mocked with “you’re [...]

Olympic Boycott

The Sochi Olympics are nearing its final days. I have watched no live events in accord with a personal ban against Russia’s hardline against homosexuality and free speech. Putin has instituted draconian measures against any protests. Yesterday Cossacks attacked members of Pussy Riot with whips. They were dragged down to the police station and thankfully [...]

HANDS OF BRICK by Peter Nolan Smith on Kindle

HANDS OF BRICK a a three-story collection of the game of hoops. Hockey and baseball have long been New England’s two favorite sports, since they offered outdoor entertainment to young boys in the seasons of good sledding and bad sledding. Our gods played in Fenway Park and the Boston Garden, but one night a radio [...]

High Flying Emily Cook

My grandfather Frank A Smith was slated to join the 1912 US Olympic team as a pole vaulter, except he broke his leg during the trials. The event in Oslo was won by a 4.02 meter effort by Marc Wright from Cambridge, MA. He was probably from Harvard. For two generations nobody in my family [...]