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Headhunting Beanballers

On August 18, 1967 the Red Sox’s Tony Conigliaro was batting against Angels spitballer Jack Hamilton at Fenway Park. The first pitch came in high and struck All-Star outfielder in the cheek. He was rushed to the hospital withd a linear fracture of the left cheekbone and a dislocated jaw with severe damage to his […]

Germany Versus Argentina

On December 13, 1939 Argentina officials ordered the German heavy cruiser Graf Spee to sea. The ensuing battle between the British Navy resulted in the later scuttling of the Graf Spee. A week later Captain Langsdorff shot himself dressed in full dress uniform and lying on the ship’s battle ensign. Today those two nations meet […]

ONLY A GAME by Peter Nolan Smith

Argentina beat West Germany in the 1986 World Cup of Football. The victors reached the finals thanks to an unexpected quarter-final victory over England and the global memory of that grudge match was an illegal score off the fist of striker Diego Maradona. The media labeled the controversial goal ‘the Hand of God’. Few people […]

60 Is The New 15

Two days ago I was at a Memorial Weekend lunch in Millbrook. The 1830s house belonged to a nice couple from good families. Their kids and those of the guests were playing in the pool. Our host and I drank vodka and lemonade. My good friend Camp congratulated me on my upcoming birthday. “How old […]

Damned Les Habitants

My introduction to French was via the heavy accent of Pepé Le Pew. The cartoon skunk appeared on TV every Saturday morning in Maine during the 1950s. Pepe never got the girl. Skunks smelled bad and supposedly the French also never bathed with soap. France was across the Atlantic Ocean, but another France was much […]