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A-Rod’s Lost 3000th Hit

Yesterday A-Rod smote a first-inning fastball into the bleachers to get his 3000th hit. The all-star infielder joined Derek Jeter as the only other Yankee to reach that milestone. Stadium officials attempted to retrieve the ball, except the catcher refused to give back the ball. MLB reckoned the ball was worth $50,000 to collectors. The […]

Names In Baseball

Last season Brock Holt cracked the Red Sox record book by becoming the first Boston player to start games at seven different positions and last night he hit a cycle against the miserable Atlanta Braves, which was the first single-double, triple, and homer combo for a Bosox player in nineteen years. Even better my team […]


In the 2009 World Series Alex Rodriguez threw off the mantle of post-season goat and MVPed his way through the Phillie pitchers. Glory doesn’t last long in the modern age. MLB suspended the all-star Yankee infielder some of 2013 and most of 2014 for self-medicating his aging body. Fans spoke about A-Rod, as if he […]

MC5 Baseball

As much as I loved Dock Ellis of the Pittsburgh Pirates pitching a no-hitter on LSD and beaning every player on the Cincinnati Reds in one game, my favorite ballplayer of the 1970s has to be Fred Sonic Smith from the MC5. Strangely I can find any mention of Fred Smith in the records of […]

The Death Of Baseball

Three years ago I was invited to a Red Sox-Yankees game at the Rich People Stadium. Our seats were behind home plate and I wanted to show my gratitude to my host and ordered four beers and hot dogs. The bill came to $70. At least the Red Sox won the game, but despite the […]