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28-3 / Go Celtics

I am a die-hard Boston Celtics fan. I listened on the radio to their games in the late 1950s. I watched the Green on TV in the 1960s. I still consider Bill Russell the greatest player ever in the NBA. I was lucky enough to see their battles at Boston Garden in the 70s. Hondo, […]

Pocket Radio

The following day my father brought home two crystal radio sets shaped as rockets. They were made in Japan. My father was an electrical engineer with New England Bell and explained their workings, “You attached alligator clips to a metal object. The signal is transmitted to the antenna and you tuned the radio with a […]

MSG Disgrace

The New York Knicks were one of the original teams in the NBA. Red Holzman coached Walt Frazier, Willis Reed, Earl Monroe, Dave DeBusschere, Dick Barnett,Phil Jackson and several other players to championships in 1970 and 1973. The Knicks fell apart in the ensuing years, but they were lucky enough to draft Pat Ewing in […]

HANDS OF BRICK by Peter Nolan Smith

Every high tide deposited beer bottles, oil containers, fishing lines, shiny candy wrappers, and plastic bags onto the sloping shoreline of Jomtien Beach. At low tide I harvested the trash into sea-worn rice bags. Within a half-hour the sand was devoid of any human refuse and I smugly regarded the pristine strand with pride. While […]

NBA Color Blind

This NBA season I have been watching the Boston Celtics on The website remains with the game during commercial breaks. Last night my hometown team played the Utah Jazz and I noticed once more that the crowd was mostly white. Like 99% white. And very white. While the players are predominantly black. I haven’t […]