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No More Ice – Stanley Cup Final

In January the St Louis Blues were the worst team in the NHL. Tonight they beat the Boston Bruins at home in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup. A second goal with 7 seconds left in the first period basically sealed the fate of the home team dashing my hopes for victory. Their rookie […]

Damn Les Habitants

My introduction to French was via the heavy accent of a cartoon skunk, who appeared on TV every Saturday morning during the 1950s. Pepe Le Pew never got the girl. Skunks smelled bad and supposedly the French also never bathed with soap. I knew little else of France. That country lay across the Atlantic Ocean, […]

One More Game Stanley Cup

Wednesday night TD Garden will host the 7th Game of the Stanley Cup. The St. Louis Blues versus the home team Boston Bruins. In January the Blues were the worst team in the league. They toughed their way to the finals. Last night the Blues could have hoisted the Stanley Cup before their fans. Tukka […]

Beer On Mars

The European Space Agency aimed the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera at the Red Planet’s North Pple and discovered a huge frozen lake in the Korolev crater. 82 kilometers wide and 2 kilometer deep of frozen H2O meaning that there will be beer on Mars. Some hopefuls have claimed that discarded beer cans have […]

No Losing Streak Lasts Forever

My senior year at high school the hockey team underwent a winless season. Attendance for our side was weak. Losing teams don’t have an expanding fanbase, but my three cousins played for the Hawks and I attended most of their games along with several friends. Our rival’s supporters ridiculed our team with chants of ‘loser’. […]