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Mea Culpa Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is the Jewish day of atonement. Fast and going to temple to privately confess your evil deeds earns a tabla rasa for another year to repeat the ways of the flesh in violation of the 10 Commandments. Personally I wouldn’t go to temple, since attendance is the surest sign of guilt, then again […]

The Reward Of No Government

The GOP supporters of presidential candidate are defending Donald Trump’s statement ‘grab them by the pussy’ but accusing Hillary Clinton’s husband of equally sexist behavior. And they not 100% wrong. In November 1995 a conservative GOP-controlled Congress shut down America and that weekend a blizzard isolated the President in the Oval Office. Bill Clinton faced […]

Jill St. John

For crime against humanity Henry Kissinger is # 1 on my guillotine list. It’s an impossibility, but I can dream. Can’t I?

No Watching

I won’t watch. I promise. But sometimes I will peek.

GIRLS LIKE GIRLS by Peter Nolan Smith

The political situation in Bangkok had gotten out of control in 2010. The red shirts controlled the city. The police did nothing. People called them daeng moh or watermelon. They were red on the inside. Thaksin was a fellow cop. The Army was in the hands of the old elite or phuu laak maak dee. […]