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The End Of New York

Last week I walked past the Rizzoli bookstore in Milan, which is located in the Grand Galerie next to Duomo Cathedral. Customers have been walking in and out of that address since 1927 and all they sell are books. The same went for the Rizzoli in New York, until the owners of the building on [...]

RICH BITCH – Die AntwoorD

I love to hear her say FUCK THE UPPER CLASSES. To hear RICH BITCH – Die AntwoorD please go to the following Url

Happy XXXMas

Bordelle, the high-end lingerie line, came out with Christmas delights. One 18K-plated girdle dress will cost over $7000 in London’s Selfridges department store. There are less expensive options for a rich man to offer his mistress. Fashion stylist Sasha Lilic asked, “Would you spend $7000 on lingerie?” My answer was simple. “I’d spent it to [...]

A Dead Man’s Triptych

Last week Christie of New York auction off a Francis Bacon triptych for a record $142 million to an unknown bidder. The rich and even more rich were ecstatic with the result, since the high-altitude sale reinforces all recent purchases of trophy art by dead painters. The Guardian wrote, “There can be no doubt the [...]

Not Recommended Price

In the late-1970s I haunted the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The suggested admission was $5. I gave the cashier a quarter, since a fiver bought a nice meal at the Dorothy Draper’s elegantly designed Fountain Restaurant. Over the years I might have been to the museum a hundred times. I know the Asmat sculptures, the [...]