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The Face Of Madness

The President God has been addressing the American Public about his handling of the Coruna Virus. The USA leads the world in virus death. We are # 1. Trump supporters are calling for a return to normal life. Back to traffic jams in Vientiane, Laos. Eating potato chop on the couch. Texting at a restaurant […]

Out Like A Lamb To Slaughter

There is no flattening of the curve. Not under this government. Democratic or GOP. Bill Gates wants us all dead, so he can be served by robots. We are not slaves. Kill the rich. The Tsar and his family never came back to rule Russia. ps the first people to go in a revolution are […]

The Plight of a Billionairess

Back in 2008 a shoe dropped on the world economy week. The downturn was unlike anything I’ve seen since gas crisis of 1973. One spring weekend I couldn’t take any more bad news and fled New York for the bucolic hills of Dutchess County. My good friend AC picked me up at the Poughkepsie train […]

YIM YET MUNG by Peter Nolan Smith

Over twenty golf courses are located within an hour drive from Pattaya, Thailand’s infamous beach resort. Whacking a little ball around the world-class fairways gave many long-distance travelers something to do during the day, while waiting for the night to fall on the Last Babylon. Jamie Parker preferred sleep, however his girlfriend Ort had been […]

Happy XXXMas

Bordelle, the high-end lingerie line, came out with Christmas delights. One 18K-plated girdle dress will cost over $7000 in London’s Selfridges department store. There are less expensive options for a rich man to offer his mistress. Fashion stylist Sasha Lilic asked, “Would you spend $7000 on lingerie?” My answer was simple. “I’d spent it to […]