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The Plight of a Billionairess – 2009

Back in 2008 a shoe dropped on the world economy week. The downturn was unlike anything I had seen since gas crisis of 1973. One spring weekend in 2009 I couldn’t take any more bad news and fled New York for the bucolic hills of Dutchess County. My good friend AC picked me up at […]

HEAD OUT ON THE HIGHWAY by Peter Nolan Smith

Throughout 2017 I worked in Greenwich, Connecticut on a $4 million house for Mumbles. The Washington DC native considered himself very smart in business. I would have felt the same, if I was living off a trust fund, but Foakley was too smart for his own good and the project languished with his every indecision. […]


School breaks open at 2. Young girls lounge on the subway Crossing the East River in the afternoon light. Seemingly ready for action. But it’s all a bluff. Teenage girls aren’t scared of the ancient slums Eternally burning east of First Avenue Their youth is eternal Decadent Daring Dangerous The pimps of Times Square can’t […]

THE TRUE REWARD OF A LIE by Peter Nolan Smith

My flight from Bangkok via Taipei and Anchorage to JFK in 2008 lasted almost thirty-six hours. I wished the trip had taken even longer since I had nothing to gain in America, however we landed stateside on time ending the longest Sunday of my life. The immigration officer asked how long I had been out […]


Last week the FBI searched Trump’s Mar-A-Lago for classified documents from various intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the Pentagon. The right-wing NY Times demanded access to the search warrant issued by the US Attorney General and Merrick Garland released a very edited affidavit, which outlined the reasons for such a high-level invasion of […]