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Welcome To Ulster 2014

Three nights ago I exited from the subway into the XXXL Mall at Atlantic Terminal. Scores of uniformed police were scattered about the shopping center. Outside on the street even more cops slunk in groups. At first I thought they were protecting the mall from any protests against years of endemic police brutality against people […]

WINTER IN AMERICA by Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron was born three years before me in 1949 The late Chicago-born poet/musician never had a hit, but his line ‘the revolution will not be televised’ survived in my memory and that of Keith Raywood who put WINTER IN AMERICA on his Facebook home page, proving that website is not 100% devoted to old […]

L’Art D’Etroit

A federal judge ruled against debtors seizing paintings and sculptures from Detroit’s Insitute of Art. Bankruptcy vultures were seeking $800 million from the sale of masterpieces by Brueghel, Tintoretto, Frank Stella, and Frederick Edwin Church as well as Van Gogh’s PORTRAIT OF A POSTMAN, which was the first painting I saw at Boston’s MFA in […]

Simplicity Of Sanity

THIS IS HOW ‘THEY’ THINK 1. the Manitoba Legislative Building – this is the “eye” looking over the us. Also, if you are standing looking down at the us, it forms an upside-down pentagram. If you have the time, watch Scott Onstott’s 10 min video on youtube about this place. It doesn’t get any more […]

The Ghost Of Pumpkin Trotsky

Two weekends ago thousands of New England college students converged on Keene, New Hampshire. The annual Pumpkin Festival ended in a riot. My nephew attended the celebration of the Jack O’Lantern. Eric told his father that he had left before the disturbances flared into violence. Paddy and I looked at each other. We had been […]