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L’Art D’Etroit

A federal judge ruled against debtors seizing paintings and sculptures from Detroit’s Insitute of Art. Bankruptcy vultures were seeking $800 million from the sale of masterpieces by Brueghel, Tintoretto, Frank Stella, and Frederick Edwin Church as well as Van Gogh’s PORTRAIT OF A POSTMAN, which was the first painting I saw at Boston’s MFA in […]

Simplicity Of Sanity

THIS IS HOW ‘THEY’ THINK 1. the Manitoba Legislative Building – this is the “eye” looking over the us. Also, if you are standing looking down at the us, it forms an upside-down pentagram. If you have the time, watch Scott Onstott’s 10 min video on youtube about this place. It doesn’t get any more […]

The Ghost Of Pumpkin Trotsky

Two weekends ago thousands of New England college students converged on Keene, New Hampshire. The annual Pumpkin Festival ended in a riot. My nephew attended the celebration of the Jack O’Lantern. Eric told his father that he had left before the disturbances flared into violence. Paddy and I looked at each other. We had been […]

Drunk Driving Success

Winter comes early in Russia and a light snow fell on Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport two days ago. A snowplow cleared the runway, but failed to leave a clear path for a corporate jet’s take-off shortly before midnight. The Dassault Falcon 50 struck the snow removal machine and disintegrated upon impact. None of the 3-man flight […]

Tupac Wants To Know Why

“We (Black People) built this country and get none of the benefits! Why?” – Tupac Shakur Tupac, because capitalists are in the business of creating wealth. Back in the 20s and 30s the country was on a brink of a revolution and the government forced business to change their labor policies. The struggle through the […]