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The Eternal Struggle

“Women are always right and they are never more right then when they are wrong and you try to convince of this.” – Pascha Ray After Sandy I visited my friend Richard Sweet in Brighton Beach. They hadn’t suffered from the huricane floods. I showed up on time, for his Ukrainian wife and he were [...]

ONLY A FEW REGRETS by Peter Nolan Smith

“Regrets I have a few, but not too few to mention.” Frank Sinatra sang in MY WAY. I myself only have regrets about the things I have not done for I can live with those I have done; the good, the bad, and the in-between, however other people are not so self-forgiving. The other day [...]

The Sky Is Green

Scott and his girlfriend were coming over to New York from London to celebrate his birthday at the Who concert at the new Barclay Center in Brooklyn, which is only a few blocks from the Fort Greene Observatory. I half-expected to be invited along with the glamorous couple, except upon the day of their arrival [...]


Four Aprils ago Nick and I were drinking beer in Buffalo Bar to celebrate Beermas. It was a holiday for every day of the year. We never go to go-gos, since disco music wasn’t conducive to meaningless conversations. The DJ was spinning an insipid boy band tune, which was the perfect background music for our [...]

Love-Hate Boston Sports Teams

FROM MY NIECE Boston sports teams are like men in relationships: The Patriots are like the new boyfriend that you really like – he’s awesome but almost too good to be true, so you worry. The Bruins are like the guy that you just casually dated and you don’t really care about him, he’s just [...]