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So Faithless – Pieter Bruegel

“Because the world is so faithless, I go my way in mourning.” Pieter Bruegel

The Thin Shadow

“As I got older, I rejected the mirror in favor of my thinner shadow at sunset.” Peter Nolan Smith 2016

Bad Manners Quote

“There’s nothing wrong with bad manners, but it’s good manners to know when not to use them.” Pascha Ray

Fucking Dog

“Why does a dog lick its balls?” “Because it can.”

I Love My Sleep

As much as I hate Daylight Savings Time, I was happy to sleep for another hour this morning. After waking with the dawn I pulled the covers over my head for shelter from the light and arranged the pillows for renewed comfortability. The next forty-five minutes were mine in slumber. Sleep is the drug. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. […]