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Da Quincy Quarries

Post by Mangozeen BOOKS.

Angkor Wat 1999

Angkor Wat 1999. Quiet, but the bugs. They numbered in the billions. Now too.

Hug A Tree


EVERGREEN by Jocko Weyland

Jocko Weyland moved to Tuscon. He works as the curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art. The veteran skateboarder loves the West. It is his home. And he loves trains. My son Fenway does too. The other day I spotted an Evergreen container on a truck in Greenpoint. They get around.

ERICA’S REVENGE fotos by Ellen Von Unwerth

Erica had a lot to learn from alice. Raising your eyes was a sin. Erica knew better. Alice was about to learn what was best. Afternoon masquerades were held in the garden. The crowd liked to take and not give. Erica was an expert at either. Erica was back to being herself. She didn’t question […]