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Floating Light / Jan Xavier

Everyday thousands of southbound passengers sit in the Poughkeepsie waiting room. The rising sun illuminates the high gallery and later three chandeliers light with the four-story brick terminal. Most people ignore them. People are mrs interested in their destinations or cellphones, however Jan Xavier, veteran guitarist, caught the elegant beauty of the light looming above […]

Wagging Tails

“In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that money can not buy… to wit the wag of a dog’s tail” Josh Billings 19th century American humorist Photo by Stefania Fumo

ROADS OF THE FLYOVER Chapter 1 by Peter Nolan Smith

The Old crew met at Miguel Abreau’s Gallery on Orchard Street to honor Brock Dundee’s documentary about Afghanistan for the UK MoD. The Scot had flown in helicopters to battle sites and crossed the mountains on foot with the assassins of the SAS. At dinner Dannatt joked that his old friend was a spy. “Spy?” […]

Da Quincy Quarries

Post by Mangozeen BOOKS.

Angkor Wat 1999

Angkor Wat 1999. Quiet, but the bugs. They numbered in the billions. Now too.