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Cross Country 1996

In the late summer of 1996 I left Bali for America. My good friend Slim met me at LAX in her Studebaker Lark. On the way to Hollywood the native Californian told me that she had fallen in love with an artist in New York.” “That’s good news, except it’s 3000 miles from here.” “I […]

Danny Lyons @ Whitney Museum NYC

Photographer Danny Lyon has been taking photos of bikers, criminals, protestors, rioters and various other socially challenged groups. New York’s Whitney Museum will be displaying his work in a retrospective titled Danny Lyon: Message to the Future, which opens on 17 June and runs until 25 September. That show is one I will not miss. […]

Beautiful Gerry Vasco @ AMP Gallery Provincetown

AMP Gallery is very pleased and excited to invite you to an Opening Reception June 10, 6-9 PM of photographs and videos by Bobby Busnach, David Macke, Alice O’Malley, Ethan Shoshan, Gail Thacker, Conrad Ventur, Jamie Casertano, Bobby Miller, David Chick, and Shaari Neretin! The Opening will also feature a special performance by Billy Hough […]

Arkward Moment # 1

I got my braces stuck on your belly button ring.

You Bet I Would – Goth

This photo of Paul Coulson was ripped off by Richard Prince for his Instagram series. Last year he sold them for $100,000. They now go for twice that. Neither the photographer nor the model remunerated by the ‘artist’. A rip-off and no one says ‘boo’. As Proudhon said, “All possession is theft.