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December 13, 1978 – East Village – Journal

My first childhood on Falmouth Foresides And then the South Shore of Boston. In 1976 I left for good. New York bound, Two years now Yet I miss New England The White Mountains The Maine Coast Old Orchard Beach, Portland’s Eastern Promenade The view on Mount Washington far to the west The two old schooners […]

Clicketty Clack

In May 1971 my friend Peter Gorr and I hitchhiked from Boston on I-90 to Utica and then headed north to Old Forge in the Adirondacks. The day got late and night fell on a silent road in the Mountain No traffic either way. We called our friends to pick us up. Standing some twenty […]

Better Than The Louvre

Helmut Newton – Genuis

Cross Country 1996

In August of 1996 I left Bali for America. My good friend Slim met me at LAX in her Studebaker Lark. On the way to Hollywood the native Californian told me that she had fallen in love with an artist in New York.” “That’s good news, except it’s 3000 miles from here.” “I know and […]

ERICA’S REVENGE fotos by Ellen Von Unwerth

Erica had a lot to learn from Alice. Raising your eyes was a sin. Erica knew better. Alice was about to learn what was best. Afternoon masquerades were held in the garden. The crowd liked to take and not give. Erica was an expert at either. Erica was back to being herself. She didn’t question […]