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FIRST ENCOUNTER by Peter Nolan Smith

America was in a deep recession during the summer of 1974 and I had returned to Boston after a two-month hitchhiking trip across the USA to discover that banks and corporations weren’t hiring long-haired college graduates. I finally found work at the Shaba, an Israeli restaurant on Beacon Hill, as the cook. I had never […]


In 2011 gold soared to record prices and a steady flow of customers entered our diamond exchange on West 47th Street to sell their precious jewelry and family heirlooms. They were of all ages, nationalities, and races. Most of them were honest, but buying stolen merchandise or swag was a crime. Richie Boy, his father […]

Misty Ghosts by Frank Stewart

The ghosts behind a mist-drenched window. Who? None need to leave their names. Only the blur of their lives.

Kent State 1970

Fifty years ago John Filo snapped an iconic Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of Mary Ann Vecchio, a fourteen-year-old runaway, kneeling over the body of Jeffrey Miller after he was shot dead by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970. I was 17. Richard Nixon had been elected President in 1968 by promising to end the […]

Hide Easter Bunny Hide

IDF Easter Egg Hunt. If they can’t find eggs, then they go after the Bunny. It’s a bigger target. BDS. Free Palestine.