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Halloween in Pattaya 2007

In 2007 Pattaya celebrated the old Celtic festival of Samhain with a singularly Thai flavor. Bar girls dressed in skimpy dresses and go-go girls painted fake blood on their faces. Farangs drank more than normal nights. It’s a pagan holiday and nothing says pagan better than sex go-go girls, beer, and a devilish hang-over the […]

The Old Pattaya Pier

Back in the 1990s Pattaya was a forgotten beach resort on the Gulf Of Siam. Mike’s Department Store was the tallest building and 3rd Road was dirt. Tourists boarded boats bound to Koh Lann at the beginning of Walking Street. Its terrible condition forced the city to build the Bali Hai Pier closer to the […]

CIRCUS LIFE by Peter Nolan Smith

Whenever a married couple or single mother and kid visited me in Pattaya, I took them on a tour of the various tourist points of interest; the Khao Keo outdoor zoo, the Temple of Truth, the biggest wooden structure in the world, and Nong Nooch Gardens. while steering well clear of my usual haunts i.e. […]

Guns and Elephants

Back in the early 00s my godson Fast Eddie Silver came out to Thailand with his mother. I was looking forward to seeing the 12 year-old. His late father was one of my best friends. I took them to Koh Samet and Bangkok, but my best photo of Eddie was taken at the Elephant Camp […]

MENAGE A TROIS A LA THAI by Peter Nolan Smith

Western press continually brattles on how Muslim suicide bombers are rewarded for their ultimate sacrifice with seventy-seven virgins, even though virgins are not renown for their sexual prowess and this generous gift for their ultimate sacrifice has seemed more a curse to me, then again most western men fantasize about a dirty weekend in a […]