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Love Johnny Romero Long Time

A comment from a reader about Johnny Romero, a great bon vivant from the 1950s in paris. Dearest Claudia, I am Susy Küttel, the Swiss “girl” who was very much in love with Johnny, your father. I always remember him and our love was very deep and connected with lots of problems. Destiny divided us […]

THE ONLY YEH YEH GIRL By Peter Nolan Smith

The stars of the 1960s were transported by TV and radio to my three red-light suburb south of Boston. The teenagers of the 50s worshipped Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Buddy Holly as dead gods, but my generation’s focus was dedicated to the living. Bob Dylan’s BLOWING IN THE WIND knocked Elvis off his throne […]

Tristam De At Galerie Graf – Paris

My boy Tristam De is having a show with Steven Darmont January 22 at Gallery Graf. The opening runs from 6-9. The location is 33 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth near Republique. If I was in Paris, I would be there.

Paris Mourns Who?

This week’s attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris have galvanized the Gallic resolve against Islamic terrorists. The French firmly believe in the freedom of speech and millions have flooded the streets to show solidarity with the satirical magazine’s right to portray Allah as a monster, Arabs as hook-nosed idiots, and Hassidim as filthy […]

Le Livre de Philippe Waty

The Steamin’ Musselmen or les Muselmans Fumant were an artistic troupe de force in Paris through the 1980s and 1990s. Philippe Waty co-founded the group and his vibrant iconography adorned the walls of the abandoned city quarters. Philippe painted with the spirit of Chester Hines’s Black America matched by his collaborators; Fabrice Langlade, Tristam de […]