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Autumn en Ile St. Louis

Autumn en Ile St. Louis November Paris 1984 Early morning Cold and wet Rue des Deux Ponts Ile St. Louis A gray morning Comme chaque autumn Kicking leaves into the gutter Heading to the corner cafe. Push the door open Gitane smoke Three workers There Every day A nod A nod back. Another nod to […]

Pat Ivers Dream 2017

I dreamt I was in a court house, some trial was going to happen, and you were there but had become a body builder with enormous arms. I was nervous about testifying so I called you over and let people look at your arms. It made me feel safer that they saw me with you. […]

DONT FEED THE BEARS by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the last century I headed up to Maine for my youngest sister’s birthday. Watchic Pond was a short distance outside of Portland. Not much had changed along Route 25 and even less at the lake, except the pine trees were taller and we were a little older. After a long day lazing around […]

Melee de Paris et Union Square

Last week there was a melee in Union Square When Social media influencer Kai Cenat told his followers that there would be a free giveaway. Thousands of people gathered to be part of the scene. Cenat showed late. Nothing was given away. The crowd got out of control and the steroided NYPD freaked out and […]

A Last Night At the Royal Lieu

Paris was a beautiful city in 1985. I worked the door at several nightclubs around the city. My bosses were Albert and Serge. We also had a club in London, the Cafe de Paris, and another in Nice, Le Nautique. Jacques was my partner at the door. The ex-con was a soothing balm to my […]