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The 1980s are thirty years in the past and when I tell stories, the listeners suspect that I’m lying about jumping off the Quincy Quarries cliffs or nearly making love with Darryl Hannah in Jamaica or watching bears eat garbage at a dump in Maine. Sometimes I wonder if they are right, but my memory […]

Willie DeVille 1986

One night in 1986 Willie DeVille came to the Royal Lieu with Jorgen Osterloh, Aurora Clemente, and Dean Tavourlos. Willie was with his wife. We knew each other from CBGBs. He gave me a line of smack. Willie was good for that. It was brown. Jorgen said he was going back to his apartment in […]

Bullet Holes A Les Bains-Douches

The entrance to Les Bains-Douches was at the top of stone stairs on Rue Le Bourg l’Abbe. Heavy wooden doors contained thick glass provided protection for the clientele and our security force or Blck Jack, Mark, and me, the physionomiste ie doorman. Every night hundreds of Parisiennes and foreigners stood on the sidewalk waiting for […]

Liberte A La France

Back in 1984 French students in Paris rebelled against the education edicts of President Mitterand’s socialist government. The protestors emptied the Sorbonne and took control of St. Germain. The police called on the CRS, the fascist SWAT squads, to deal with the manifestations blocking the Left Bank’s most traveled boulevard. Students anticipated an afternoon attack, […]

Vive La Bataclan

Back in 1989 I worked the door at the Bataclan nightclub in Paris. Every Sunday for Serge Kruger. We all went there. It was a place for everyone and I let anyone in who was looking for a good time. There were a lot of us. Better the Bataclan than any house of worship. And […]